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  + Rope-Knocking Challenge was improved (now awards score based on kills and time; taunts for knocking out hedgehogs)
  + A few campaign missions now save your personal best successes (e.g. fastest finish in Hard Flying) which get shown after you finish them agin
  + Capture The Flag supports setting number of captures with script parameter “capture=<number>”
+ + Show correct ranking and times in stats screen of Racer and TechRacer
+ + Allow to only place 2 waypoints in Racer
+ + New script parameter “waypointradius=<number>” for Racer set the size of waypoints
+ * Fixed waypoint message in TechRacer and Racer overwriting current weapon selection message
+ * Fixed TechRacer not recording finish if time was >= 100s
  * Mutant script shows now appropriate ranking and graph in stats screen
  * Portal Mind Challenge was cleaned up and reworked (especially less awful wording)
- * Fixed TechRacer not recording finish if time was >= 100s
  * Fixed Target Practice missions getting stuck when a target dropped into water
  * Fixed mistakes and bad wording of strings in several missions, scripts and campaigns
  * Fixed Lua error message in A Classic Fairytale mission 8