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+Hedgewars - a turn based strategy game.
+Copyright 2004-2015 Andrey Korotaev <> and others.
+See QTfrontend/res/html/about.html and CREDITS for a complete list of authors.
+Source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence
+version 2; images and sounds are distributed under the terms of the GNU Free
+Documentation Licence version 1.2. See the COPYING file for the full text of
+the licenses.
+See our wiki at:
+You can find an outline of the necessary dependencies in the INSTALL file.
+Source code:
+Our main repository is located at using
+Mercurial as DVCS. A Git repository is also available (mirrored daily)
+If you see a bug or have any suggestion please use the official bug tracker at
+ or the integrated feedback
+If you want to help or get to know the sources better you can do that with some
+easy tasks from We also have an
+extended API in LUA to customize your adventures in our wiki at
+If you know your way through the code feel free to send a patch or open a pull
+request. The best LUA scripts get released in the official DLC page and later
+integrated in the next version.
+* IRC channel     - irc://
+* community forum -
+* mailing list    -