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 `NOVIDEOREC=ON`, but then the video recording functionality will
 not be available.
+### Error messages related to Lua, “undefined reference to `lua_tonumber'”, and so on
+If you get error messages like these:
+* /home/username/hw/hedgewars//uScript.pas:226: undefined reference to `lua_tonumber'
+* /home/username/hw/hedgewars/CMakeFiles/hwengine.dir/uScript.o: In function `LUATOVISUALGEARTYPEORD':
+There might be something wrong with your Lua installation. Try to install Lua 5.1.
+If this doesn't work, or you don't want to install Lua 5.1, try to build Hedgewars
+with the bundled Lua version.
+To build with the bundled Lua version, adding the CMake option `SYSTEM_LUA=OFF`, then
+repeat the building process.
 ### Cleaning up
 In case you want to start over and start with a clean build,