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    <tip>Simply pick the same color as a friend to play together as a clan. Each of you will still control his or her own hedgehogs but they’ll win or lose together.</tip>
    <tip>Some weapons might do only low damage but they can be a lot more devastating in the right situation. Try to use the Desert Eagle to knock multiple hedgehogs into the water.</tip>
    <tip>If you’re unsure what to do and don’t want to waste ammo, skip one round. But don’t let too much time pass as there will be Sudden Death!</tip>
    <tip>Want to save ropes? Release the rope in mid air and then shoot again. As long as you don’t touch the ground or miss a shot you’ll reuse your rope without wasting ammo!</tip>
    <tip>If you’d like to keep others from using your preferred nickname on the official server, register an account at <a href=""></a>.</tip>
    <tip>You're bored of default gameplay? Try one of the missions — they'll offer different gameplay depending on the one you picked.</tip>
    <tip>By default the game will always record the last game played as a demo. Select “Local Game” and pick the “Demos” button on the lower right corner to play or manage them.</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars is free software (Open Source) we create in our spare time. If you’ve got problems, ask on our forums or visit our IRC room!</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars is free software (Open Source) we create in our spare time. If you like it, help us with a small donation or contribute your own work!</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars is free software (Open Source) we create in our spare time. Share it with your family and friends as you like!</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars is free software (Open Source) we create in our spare time, just for fun! Meet the devs in <a href="irc://">#hedgewars</a>!</tip>
    <tip>From time to time there will be official tournaments. Upcoming events will be announced at <a href=""></a> some days in advance.</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars is available in many languages. If the translation in your language seems to be missing or outdated, feel free to contact us!</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars can be run on lots of different operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.</tip>
    <tip>Always remember you’re able to set up your own games in local and network/online play. You’re not restricted to the “Simple Game” option.</tip>
    <tip>Connect one or more gamepads before starting the game to be able to assign their controls to your teams.</tip>
    <tip>Create an account on <a href=""></a> to keep others from using your most favourite nickname while playing on the official server.</tip>
    <tip>While playing you should give yourself a short break at least once an hour.</tip>
    <tip>If your graphics card isn’t able to provide hardware accelerated OpenGL, try to enable the low quality mode to improve performance.</tip>
    <tip>If your graphics card isn’t able to provide hardware accelerated OpenGL, try to update the associated drivers.</tip>
    <tip>We’re open to suggestions and constructive feedback. If you don’t like something or got a great idea, let us know!</tip>
    <tip>Especially while playing online be polite and always remember there might be some minors playing with or against you as well!</tip>
    <tip>Special game modes such as “Vampirism” or “Karma” allow you to develop completely new tactics. Try them in a custom game!</tip>
    <tip>You should never install Hedgewars on computers you don’t own (school, university, work, etc.). Please ask the responsible person instead!</tip>
    <tip>Hedgewars can be perfect for short games during breaks. Just ensure you don’t add too many hedgehogs or use an huge map. Reducing time and health might help as well.</tip>
    <tip>No hedgehogs were harmed in making this game.</tip>
    <tip>There are three different jumps available. Tap [high jump] twice to do a very high/backwards jump.</tip>
    <tip>Afraid of falling off a cliff? Hold down [precise] to turn [left] or [right] without actually moving.</tip>
    <tip>Some weapons require special strategies or just lots of training, so don’t give up on a particular tool if you miss an enemy once.</tip>
    <tip>Most weapons won’t work once they touch the water. The Homing Bee as well as the Cake are exceptions to this.</tip>
    <tip>The Old Limburger only causes a small explosion. However the wind affected smelly cloud can poison lots of hogs at once.</tip>
    <tip>The Piano Strike is the most damaging air strike. You’ll lose the hedgehog performing it, so there’s a huge downside as well.</tip>
    <tip>The Homing Bee can be tricky to use. Its turn radius depends on its velocity, so try to not use full power.</tip>
    <tip>Sticky Mines are a perfect tool to create small chain reactions knocking enemy hedgehogs into dire situations … or water.</tip>
    <tip>The Hammer is most effective when used on bridges or girders. Hit hogs will just break through the ground.</tip>
    <tip>If you’re stuck behind an enemy hedgehog, use the Hammer to free yourself without getting damaged by an explosion.</tip>
    <tip>The Cake’s maximum walking distance depends on the ground it has to pass. Use [attack] to detonate it early.</tip>
    <tip>The Flame Thrower is a weapon but it can be used for tunnel digging as well.</tip>
    <tip>Use the Molotov or Flame Thrower to temporary keep hedgehogs from passing terrain such as tunnels or platforms.</tip>
    <tip>Want to know who’s behind the game? Click on the Hedgewars logo in the main menu to see the credits.</tip>
    <tip>Like Hedgewars? Become a fan on <a href="">Facebook</a> or follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a></tip>
    <tip>Feel free to draw your own graves, hats, flags or even maps and themes! But note that you’ll have to share them somewhere to use them online.</tip>
    <tip>Keep your video card drivers up to date to avoid issues playing the game.</tip>
    <tip>Heads or tails? Type “/rnd” in the lobby and you’ll find out. Also “/rnd rock paper scissors” works!</tip>
    <tip>You’re able to associate Hedgewars related files (savegames and demo recordings) with the game to launch them right from your favorite file or web browser.</tip>
    <tip>Dud mines are not harmless: Although their timer is broken, they can still explode if they took too much abuse!</tip>
    <tip>Love is hot! Use Seduction to thaw frozen hedgehogs.</tip>
    <tip>Smoke coming from a barrel is an indicator that it is low on “health” and even small amounts of damage might cause it to burst.</tip>
    <tip>Barrels start with 60 health and take damage like hedgehogs, so they need some abuse until they explode.</tip>
    <tip>Need more bounce power? Change the bounce strength of grenades, cluster bombs, old limburgers and mines while holding [precise] and pressing one of the timer keys.</tip>
    <tip>Did you forget the goals or game modifiers inside the game? Hit the pause or quit key to review them again!</tip>
    <tip>You can punch, whip and hammer other things than just hedgehogs. Hit them all!</tip>
    <tip>If not mentioned otherwise, mines normally explode after 3 seconds.</tip>
    <tip>In King Mode, your king will start out healthier, stronger and more resistant to damage and blows than the minions.</tip>
    <tip>In King Mode, the king will take damage each turn when there are no minions left in the team.</tip>
    <tip>The whip also hits hedgehogs and objects behind a thin wall.</tip>
    <tip>A cleaver deals more damage the faster it’s moving.</tip>
    <tip>You can drop cakes from cliffs, but you have to stand very close to the edge, so be careful.</tip>
    <tip>Use your rope to push away other hedgehogs i.e. by sliding on the ground. This technique is known as “rope-knocking”.</tip>
    <tip>Don’t stand still on an icy slope, or you will slip away. Alternatively, you can hold down [precise].</tip>
    <tip>In the lands of Snow and Christmas, the snow piles up over time, unless the land is indestructible.</tip>
    <tip>Be aware in lands of Snow and Christmas, because girders are made of slippery ice.</tip>
    <tip>The retreat time depends on the weapon you used. Be careful, some weapons don’t have a retreat time and immediately end your turn!</tip>
        <tip>This version of Hedgewars supports <a href="">Xfire</a>. Make sure to add Hedgewars to its game list so your friends can see you playing.</tip>
        <tip>You can find your Hedgewars configuration files under “My Documents\Hedgewars”. Create backups or take the files with you, but don’t edit them by hand.</tip>
        <tip>You can find your Hedgewars configuration files under “Library/Application Support/Hedgewars” in your home directory. Create backups or take the files with you, but don’t edit them by hand.</tip>
        <tip>You can find your Hedgewars configuration files under “.hedgewars” in your home directory. Create backups or take the files with you, but don’t edit them by hand.</tip>