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Make game engine load the user's locale correctly (bug #688)

+ features
* bugfixes
============== 1.0.0-dev (unreleased) ==============
 + Hand-drawn maps can now be scaled with slider
 + Slightly longer delays between turns to make it easier to follow the game
 + Track high scores in singleplayer challenges
 + Show check mark for completed scenarios, challenges and trainings
 + Training/challenge/scenario menu now supports team selection
 + Most target practices now highlight position of next target (must be unlocked first)
 * Fix hedgehogs being pushed around (and other collision bugs) when they overlap
 * Fix homing bee flying weird if passing wrap world edge or target was placed beyond it
 * Fix poison damage not working in first round
 * Use player-chosen team identity in campaigns and singleplayer missions
 * Fix player-chosen teams ignoring custom team controls in campaigns
 * Fix broken behaviour of airborne attacks when placed near bounce world edge
 * Deny placement of airborne attack in “impossible” places in maps with bounce world edge
 * Deny placement of piano beyond bounce world edge

Styles and schemes:
 + The Specialists: Unlock game scheme
 + The Specialists: Add script parameter support to set custom specialists order
 * Balanced Random Weapon: Fix Lua errors after using Time Box
 * Racer: Fix racer ghost not getting reset after a skip
 * King Mode: Fix team sometimes not being killed properly if king drowned
 * King Mode: Kill resurrected minions if king is not alive

A Classic Fairytale:
 * First blood: Fix Lua error when hitting Attack after failing the rope challenge

A Space Adventure:
 + Show your current records at mission start when re-playing one of the challenges
 + Spacetrip: Move flowers of desert planet above cactus
 * Searching in the dust: Fix mission ending when all smugglers are dead
 * Chasing the blue hog: Fix player not losing the race when timing out while still having the rope
 * Chasing the blue hog: Fix player winning if Crazy Runner died
 * Various minor tweaks and bugfixes

 + Add control to unselect current weapon (no key chosen by default)
 + Allow to leave a control unused
 + New chat command: “/help room” (shows room chat commands within the game)

 + Show contour of flying saucer when in highly opaque water
 * Fix speech bubbles overlapping in the wrong order
 * Fix wrong ice beam angle if it goes diagonally up out of map through world wrap
 * Fix double water splash when flying saucer drowns

Game HUD:
 + Colorize switching arrows, pointing arrow and target cross in clan color
 + Skip ammo menu animation when playing with turn time of 10s or less
 + Don't show crate spawn message for initial crates in missions
 + Display player name of own teams in online games
 * Fix last 2 characters in demo chat being missing
 * Hide most HUD elements in cinematic mode
 * Don't show "F1", "F2", etc. in ammo menu if these aren't the actual slot keys
 * Fix wind bar animation not looping properly
 * Fix airplane line being drawn above many HUD elements
 * Suppress “<team> is gone.” message at end of game
 * Fix game engine ignoring appropriate number formatting of user language

 + Restructure credits
 + Credits screen in main menu is now translatable
 * Fix force-locked schemes getting unlocked when changing map types

Lua API:
 + New call: SaveMissionVar(varname, value): Save value to mission variable (variable for non-campaign mission)
 + New call: GetMissionVar(varname): Get value of mission variable
 + New call: SetTurnTimePaused(isPaused): Call with true to pause turn time, false to unpause
 + New call: GetTurnTimePaused(): Returns true if turn time is paused due to Lua
 + New call: AddMissionTeam(color): Add mission team, i.e. the team selected by player in campaign/mission page
 + New call: AddMissionHog(health): Add a hedgehog for the mission team
 + New return value: AddTeam/AddMissionTeam return <real team name>, <team index>
 + Utils library: New calls: getReadableChallengeRecord, updateChallengeRecord
 + New callback: onGameResult(winningClan): Called when the game ends normally. winningClan = index of winning clan or -1 on draw
 + SendStat extension: Option to use predefined modes with siPointType, like "!POINTS" or "!TIME"
 + SimpleMission: Add isMissionTeam attribute for teams
 + SpeedShoppa/TargetPractice libraries: Remove custom hog and team info settings
 + Params explode, poison in the SpawnFake*Crate functions now optional and default to false
 + New global: InitHealth: Initial hog health value from game scheme (read-only)

====================== 0.9.25 ======================
 + Complete overhaul of Continental supplies
 + Can adjust weapon start and crate probabilities in Balanced Random Weapon
 + Remove rubber duck
 + New air mine features
 + Rework team rankings
 + Tied teams now rank equally
 + Help button in main menu
 + 19 new hedgehog taunts
 + Many new Lua API features
 * Functionality of controllers restored
 * Fix at least 2 crashes
 * Fixed some awkward network bugs which caused games to come to a standstill
 * Many bugs related to the wrap world edge fixed (but not all)
 * Sudden Death always came exactly 1 turn later than planned

Game, gameplay:
 + Increase hedgehog limit to 64
 + Remove rubber duck
 + Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Sniper Rifle, Firepunch, Kamikaze, Whip and Baseball Bat can now hit air mines (and some other projectiles)
 + Freezer can freeze air mines when they don't move too fast
 + Air mines get stunned by getting shoved
 + Shotgun shots can now pass through portals
 * Fix hog being unable to walk after using sniper rifle without firing both shots
 * Fix sine gun dealing damage to attacker if shooting up
 * Hedgehog was able to drop more than 2 sticky mines if dropping first one from utility, then stop using utility
 * Fix Sudden Death starting in the second turn of a round rather than the first
 * Fix hammer and pickhammer not digging correctly at wrap world edge
 * Fix drill rocket exploding when digging at bounce/wrap world edge
 * Fix freezer ray not working through wrap world edge
 * Fix freezer ray going through bounce world edge
 * Fix freezer ray extending with low fuel usage when firing straight up/down while holding up/down key
 * Fix cake walking through bounce world edge
 * Fix cake walking through land when reaching wrap world edge
 * Laser sight now works properly through wrap world edge
 * Fix projectiles behaving incorrectly with land just behind the wrap world edge
 * Fix bee weapon becoming unusable when hitting attack key in mid-air
 * Fix hog sometimes getting stuck in land if roping very fast
 * Fix seduction not stopping if hog took damage before attack was complete
 * Limit hedgehog health to 268435455 to prevent some bugs
 * Fix rare possibility that hog is resurrected and starts with 0 or negative health

Game, controls and commands:
 + Add new key to show mission panel (default: M)
 + Add new key to cycle through timer values (default: N)
 + Add default controls for controller (see
 + Add chat command “/help”, displays help for chat commands
 + Rename chat command “/team” to “/clan” (but “/team” still works)
 * Functionality of controllers restored
 * Fix crash when 2 or more controllers were connected
 * Fix cursor teleporting to center after leaving game with a video recording
 * Fix /hta, /hsa and /hya commands not writing message in chat

Game, audiovisuals:
 + Campaigns and missions now use the user's chosen custom clan colors
 + New default brown clan color for better contrast
 + Allow to change volume during pause
 + Add sounds: flamethrower, landspray, idle freezer, shorykuen hit
 + Add taunts: Amazing, Brilliant, Bugger, Cutitout, Drat, Excellent, Fire, Gonnagetyou, Grenade,
               Hmm, Leavemealone, Ohdear, Ouch, Revenge, Runaway, Solong, Thisoneismine, Whatthe,
 * Enemy/AI hogs now say “Hmm” on turn start instead of vowing for revenge (at least in most voice packs)
 * Fix extreme amounts of droplets when shooting with minigun into ocean world edge
 * Fix some flakes disappearing in world wrap worlds while moving camera
 * Fix invisible projectile timer, attack bar, target on other side of wrap world edge
 * Fix attack bar drawn over GUI elements
 * Fix video recorder not working when game audio was disabled
 * Fix teleport tooltip claiming it doesn't end turn in hog placing phase with inf. attack
 * Prevent voices from being spoken directly before a victory voice
 * Fix damage not being displayed if hog drowns in water with 100% opacity (like in Compost theme)
 * Fix retreat timer appearing after using baseball bat or whip and immediately taking damage
 * Fix musical effects of RC plane and piano not playing if music is enabled but sounds effects are disabled

 + Add help button in main menu (link to Hedgewars Wiki)
 + Add setting to disable audio dampening when losing window focus
 + Rework player rankings: Losing clans are now ranked in the reverse order they died
 * Fix player rankings on round draw: Clans that died in the same turn now have the same rank
 * Fix rare crash when aborting video encoding in progress
 * Fix critical failure to cleanup teams list after rejoining game under certain conditions
 * Fix displayed Sudden Death timeout being off by one
 * Controllers are detected again
 * Fix failure to shutdown game window properly after player got kicked
 * No longer allow having schemes with equal names (case-insensitive)
 * Refuse to load schemes which match the name of a default scheme
 * No longer save default weapon schemes into file
 * Pseudo player names in chat (like “[server]”) are no longer clickable
 * Lobby/room: No longer allow opening context menu if no player selected
 * Fix game window width/height setting being broken when using Arabic locale

 + Add “/help” chat command for command help
 + Can now clear room greeting by using chat command “/greeting” without arguments
 + Many new error and status messages for improved usability
 * Fix many server messages being not translated

 * Fix all hogs receiving a free teleport after hog placement phase
 * Fix hogs receiving air strikes in maps with border

 * Fix rare bug in TechRacer causing crates and other objects to not appear on start of turn
 * Fix ranking of teams if teams are tied

Balanced Random Weapon:
 + Can adjust weapon start and crate probabilities by using ammo scheme

Random Weapon:
 * Fix breakage when enabling per-hog ammo

 + Do not reduce mutant's health in Ready phase
 + Play poison hurt sound when mutant is low on health
 + Unlock game scheme

Construction Mode:
 * Fix girder/rubber cost not being updated correctly after selection

Continental supplies:
 + Continents are now selected before the game starts
 + Continents give hog different start health
 + Add Antarctica special: Upside-Down World (teleport to top of map)
 + Major rewrite of ALL texts for better usability
 + Add custom weapon tooltips
 + Improve audiovisual effects
 + Show message when hog receives new continent ammo
 + Sabotaged hedgehogs also emit smoke when it's not their turn
 + Can switch continent in reverse order with [Precise]+[Switch]
 * Sabotage deals no damage in ready phase, while attacking or retreating
 * Invulnerability now protects from sabotage damage
 * Sabotage kills hog instantly when health reaches 0
 * Reliably prevent using of Lonely Cries and baseball bat specials when usage not allowed
 * Don't explode Anno 1302, Medicine and Bouncy Boomerang if drowning
 * Don't play “Missed” and “Laugh” taunt when those don't make sense
 * Fix retreat timer not turning red for some weapons

Space Invasion:
 + Display round score in a separate row
 + Keep round score displayed after round ends, remove round score announcer message
 + If team scores are tied at the end, continue playing rounds with the tied teams until there's a winner
 * Fix rare Lua error message spam at end of game
 * Fix round score and other info numbers messing up after screen resize
 * Fix kamikaze bonus not being shown

Missions and styles:
 * Basic Movement Training: Back jumps are now easier
 * The Great Escape: Infinite attack mode did not work
 * Shotgun/Sniper Rifle Target Practice: Suppress “X remaining” message
 * Fix resurrection animation appearing at wrong position for some missions and styles
 * Fix Lua error when playing any mission or style in Lithuanian language

A Classic Fairytale:
 * Fix clan membership of princess in some missions
 * Mission 5: Tribe was not in same clan as Natives, screwing up stats a bit

A Space Adventure:
 + The big bang: Terrain types are easier to distinguish
 + Hard Flying: Display current flying time next to team bar
 * Hard Flying: Fix incorrect recorded time, was 6 seconds more than reality
 * Searching in the Dust: Fix display error when destroying device crate
 * Searching in the Dust: Don't take away control right above the pit near Sandy
 * The big bang: Don't say "Missed" or "Yes, Sir!" when inappropriate
 * The last Encounter: Fix clan membership of PAotH

 + New Sudden Death water texture for CrazyMission theme
 + Add dust flakes for Cheese and CrazyMission themes
 + New land objects for Beach theme
 * Fix repeating sun in Hoggywood theme

Content creation:
 + HWPs can be nested inside HWPs (1 layer deep only)
 + Add-ons now support preview images for campaign missions

 + Translations kept up-to-date: German, Polish
 + Major translation updates: Russian, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Ukrainian

Lua API:
 * Deprecation: Setting TurnTimeLeft/ReadyTimeLeft directly is deprecated and will become useless in future. Use the setter functions below
 * Deprecation: Symbols amDuck/gtDuck are deprecated, will be removed later. For now, they alias to amCreeper/gtCreeper
 * Changed global: lfCurrentHog becomes lfCurHogCrate
 + New call: SetTurnTimeLeft(newTurnTimeLeft): Set remaining turn time
 + New call: SetReadyTimeLeft(newReadyTimeLeft): Set remaining ready time
 + New call: Retreat(time [, respectGetAwayTimeFactor): Force current turn into retreating mode
 + New call: GetAmmoTimer(gearUid, ammoType): Returns current set timer for given ammoType and hog gear in ms. Returns nil for non-timerable ammo
 + New call: EnableSwitchHog(): Enable hog switching
 + New call: GetAmmo(ammoType): Returns ammo configuration (corresponds to SetAmmo)
 + New call: GetVampiric(): Returns true if vampirism is currently active
 + New call: GetLaserSight(): Returns true if laser sight (as utility) is currenctly active (ignoring sniper rifle)
 + New call: IsHogHidden(gear): Returns true if hog is hidden
 + New call: PlayMusicSound(soundId): Play a sound as replacement for the main background music
 + New call: StopMusicSound(soundId): Stop a “music sound” and resume the regular music
 + Changed call: AddTeam: 2nd param. color: Accepts negative value to use a default clan color from player settings
 + Changed call: HedgewarsScriptLoad: 2nd param. mustExist. If false, it's allowed for the script to not exist
 + Changed call: HedgewarsScriptLoad: Return true on success and false on failure
 + Change callback: onGearResurrect: 2nd parameter for visual gear spawned at resurrect position (might be nil)
 + New parameter: SetAmmoTexts: 5th param. showExtra: Set to false to hide texts like “Not yet available”
 + New parameter: ShowMission: 6th param. forceDisplay: Set to true to prevent this particular mission panel to be hidden manually by player
 + Can set custom team rank: Call SendStat with 1st param siTeamRank and 2nd param to the desired rank, as string. Must be called before siPlayerKills of the team for which this applies
 + New Lua library: Achievements (currently only for internal use)
 + New globals: Infinite fly time for jetpack/Birdy by setting health to JETPACK_FUEL_INFINITE or BIRDY_ENERGY_INFINITE, respectively
 + New global game variable: MaxCaseDrops. Max. number of crats which can be in game by crate drops
 + New global: NO_CURSOR. Value of CursorX and CursorY if cursor is inactive
 + New global: AMMO_INFINITE. Value for infinite ammo count for AddAmmo and other functions
 + New global: MAX_HOG_HEALTH. Maximum possible hedgehog health
 + New global: MAX_TURN_TIME. Maximum possible turn time
 + New global: EXPLForceDraw. Flag for Explode function, forces land removal even with gfSolidLand on
 + New global: INTERFACE. Type of the game interface: "desktop" for desktop, "touch" for touchscreen
 + New globals: capcolDefault, capcolSetting: Default caption colors
 * Animate library: Remove defunct follow argument for AnimVisualGear
 * Fixed variable: TotalRounds was -1 (instead of 0) in first real round after hog placement phase
 * Fixed variables: LeftX, RightX, TopY, LAND_WIDTH, LAND_HEIGHT were broken if onVisualGearAdd was defined
 * AI sometimes intentionally shot hedgehogs with aihDoesntMatter set

====================== ====================
 * Fix crash when portable portal device is fired at reduced graphics quality
 * Fix possible crash when starting Hedgewars frontend in fullscreen mode

====================== 0.9.24 ======================
 + New weapon: Minigun
 + New game modifier: Enable switch hedgehog at start of turn
 + Change weapon icons: Mudball, air mine
 + Add healing visual effect in Paramedics mode and a few scripts
 + Show remaining ammo when using Birdy egg or RC Plane bomb
 + Add separate control for team chat (default: U)
 + Add separate control for changing hedgehog tags (default: Home)
 + Toggle all hedgehog tags at once with [Precise] + [Change hedgehog tags]
 + Hedgehog tag translucency is now changed with [Switch] + [Change hedgehog tags]
 + When using flying saucer shortly after a jump, stay in-mid air
 + No longer cut off team/hedgehog names when not playing online
 * Fix possible network desynchronization and crash when players rejoin an active game
 * Fix time box being usable in Sudden Death with 0 health decrease
 * Fix chat input key being sometimes registered twice
 * Fix not displaying current volume status after pressing mute key
 * Fix many effects not being correctly recorded by the video recorder
 * Fix quit menu showing incorrect keys if using non-default key bindings
 * Fix script translations not being loaded for Portuguese and Chinese
 * When using seduction, only show “CENSORED” text in English locale

 + Migrate to Qt 5
 + Schemes are now stored in separate files under Schemes
 + Add default directory DrawnMaps for hand-drawn maps
 + Lead player to training missions when starting Hedgewars the first time
 * Fix map preview, map name, style name not being displayed if host selects map or style you don't have
 * Remove “Upload to YouTube” functionality (it was broken for years)
 * Fix broken preview of team hats (e.g. cap_team)
 * Fix chart in stats screen not supporting negative numbers

 + New scenarios: Bazooka Battlefield, Tentacle Terror
 + New basic training mission: Movement
 + Completely redo basic training missions: Bazooka, Grenade, Rope
 + Major overhaul of Sudden Death visuals in most themes
 + New flag: uk_scotland
 + New voice: Default_pl (Polish)
 + New voice: Russian_pl (Polish with a Russian accent)
 + Add theme icons for: Blox, CrazyMission, Deepspace, Eyes, Planes

Styles and game modes:
 + Various styles: Add current score/time next to team bars (where applicable)
 + Remove rubber duck from most weapon schemes and Random Weapon and Balanced Random Weapon
 + Construction Mode: Add a few shortcuts
 + Construction Mode: Show selected object at cursor and a crate preview icon
 + Construction Mode: Remember all selections
 + Construction Mode: Add subtle glow to healing station
 + Construction Mode: Allow to change "Switch Hedgehog" in weapon scheme
 + Construction Mode: Hide selected sub-modes from crate/object placer from enemies over the net
 + Highlander: Replace undocumented script param “mode=orig” to “multiuse=true”
 + Highlander: Display the meaning of “multiuse=true” (or lack thereof) in mission panel
 + Continental supplies: Custom weapon icons for the special weapons
 + Racer, Tech Racer: Before starting a round, make first waypoint flash and center camera to it
 + Racer, Tech Racer: Various other waypoint appearance improvements
 + Racer: Use dark waypoints in bright themes like Bath
 + Racer, HedgeEditor: Show waypoint outline around cursor when placing waypoints
 + Battalion: Minor message and visual improvements
 + Battalion: Mutate hog hats by default, but not the names
 + Battalion: Script parameter “mutatenames=true” to also change the hog names (default: false)
 + Battalion (King Mode): Kings always wear crowns and non-kings don't, regardless of settings
 + Battalion (King Mode): If the king dies, the hogs die normally instead of disappearing
 + Space Invasion: Add a default Space Invasion game scheme
 + Capture the Flag: Can now be played with more than 2 clans
 + Capture the Flag: Show team scores and score graph in stats screen
 + HedgeEditor: Show cursor coordinates in top left corner
 + Control: Always remove TimeBox and Resurrector
 + Climb Home: Show messages when a fire cake is nearby and when you're inside home
 + ShoppaMap: Map complexity can now be changed with the slider
 + ShoppaMap: Remove script parameter “pad”
 * The Specialists: Less buggy hog switching at turn start
 * Mutant: When game ends due to all land being gone, declare the highest-scoring team the winner
 * Battalion: Some texts in the mission panel were wrong and misleading
 * Construction Mode: Remove drill strike if added by weapon scheme (it's broken)
 * Construction Mode, Racer, HedgeEditor: No longer play Incoming voice for building stuff, fix other sound problems
 * Capture the Flag: Fix many bugs caused by playing with >2 teams
 * Capture the Flag: Properly place flag when first hog uses kamikaze or TimeBox
 * Capture the Flag: Fix flag not being dropped when carrier uses piano strike
 * CTF_Blizzard: Don't allow more than 2 clans. Excess hogs will be removed

A Space Adventure:
 + Precise Shooting: Display collected ammo
 + Hard Flying: Display personal best at mission start
 + Killing the Specialists: Add event messages and graphical effects
 * Killing the Specialists: Fix very misleading hints in mission panel
 * Killing the Specialists: Fix number of rounds measured being way too low

A Classic Fairytale:
 + Mission 3: Display number of turns left at timed parcours
 + Mission 2, Mission 5: Reduce computer hog levels
 + Mission 6: Change mines
 + Mission 7: Add one additional pick hammer in a crate
 * Fix incorrect storytelling in mission descriptions
 * Missions now work even with corrupted team file, by using a default behaviour
 * Mission 1: Fix error message spam when Leaks a Lot drowns
 * Mission 3: Fix cannibals sometimes doing nothing for a full turn
 * Mission 6: Fix cyborgs sometimes doing nothing for a full turn
 * Mission 8: Fix invisible cyborg sometimes blocking the way
 * Mission 9: Fix cannibal talking to himself in cut scene if mission starts with 3 natives

 + Target Practice: Re-center camera to hog when projectile is destroyed or drowns

Theme customization:
 + Add fallback music with new keys “fallback-music” and “fallback-sd-music”
 + Allow to hide themes explicitly with new key “hidden”. Using this key it's possible for hidden themes to have icons
 * Fix green color channel on themes with key “sd-tint”

Lua API:
 + New library: SimpleMission: Allows to create missions more easily
 + New call: WriteLnToChat(string): Add a line in the chat
 + New call: SetVampiric(bool): Toggle vampirism
 + New call: SetLaserSight(bool): Toggle laser sight
 + New call: GetWind(): Returns current wind (approximation) from -100 to 100
 + New call: GetTeamName(teamIdx): Returns name of team with given index (starts at 0)
 + New call: GetTeamIndex(teamname): Returns index of team with given name
 + New call: GetTeamClan(teamname): Returns clan of team with given name
 + New call: SpawnSupplyCrate(x, y, content, [, amount]): Spawn ammo or utility crate, depending on content
 + New call: HealHog(gearUid, healthBoost[, showMessage[, tint]]): Heal hedgehog with graphical effects and message
 + New call: SetTeamLabel(teamname[, label]): Set an arbitrary label for a team, will be displayed next to the team bar
 + New call: SetSoundMask(soundId, isMasked): Allows to disable playing a sound effect from engine
 + New call: SkipTurn(): Force current hedgehog to skip turn
 + New call: Explode(x, y, radius[, options]): Cause an explosion
 + New param: PlaySound accepts 3rd parameter for voices: instaVoice: If true, sound plays instantly instead of being queued
 + New callback: onEndTurn(): Called at the end of a turn (when gears have settled)
 + New callback: onSkipTurn(): Called when a hog skips turn
 + New hedgehog effect: heArtillery: Per-hedgehog artillery mode (can't walk). Values: 1 = permanently active. 2 = temporarily active (sniper rifle). 0 = not active
 * AddAmmo now automatically unselects weapon if it would remove current ammo from current hedgehog
 * Fix call: SetWeapon(amNothing) now unselects weapon
 * Fix call: SetWind did not update flake flying direction
 * Fix global: TotalRounds was stuck at -1 for several turns
 * Fix CursorX, CursorY often not being updated when moving cursor at screen border

====================== 0.9.23 ======================
 + Battalion style
 + Fort mode is now a map type instead of a scheme setting
 + Fort mode now works with more than 2 teams
 + New weapon: rubber duck
 + New theme, map, 3 forts, 3 missions, some hats and graves
 + WxW style allows you to select one of many wall sets
 + Complete HedgeEditor overhaul
 + Greatly improved script parameter support for many styles
 + Improves stats screen of most styles and missions
 + Various improvements for almost all styles
 + AI hedgehogs can now use Bee, Vamprism, and Time Box
 + Campaign page now shows your progress
 + Improved turn timer
 + Improved randomization options in team and multiplayer pages
 + Improved theme customization support
 + Various Lua API additions
 * Fix cursor often jumping around after clicking
 * A huge amount of bugfixes for both campaigns, the missions and styles
 * Video recording functionality is restored

 + New game-style/mode: Battalion (see )
 + New theme: Beach
 + New theme music for Jungle and Fruit themes
 + Change SD theme music for Halloween and Hoggywood (old tracks)
 + Completely new Cheese map; replaces the old one
 + New forts: Lonely_Island, Octopus, Olympic, Snail
 + Many new random hedgehog and team names
 + Add hats: barrelhider, bishop, jester, leprechaun, pirate_eyepatch, tf_scout, zoo_octopus
 + Add hair-less variants of old hats: beefeaterhat, lambdahat, nursehat, pirate_bandana, pirate_hat, poke_ash_hat, RamboClean, sf_vega_hat, sf_guile_hat, simple_red, simple_yellow, simple_green, thugclean
 * Remove hat: tf_scount (this was a duplicate of tf_demoman)
 * Add graves: Clover, Old_Apple, pi, Simple_reversed, TV, Whisky, Ying_and_Yang
 * Redo flags: cm_pentagram, cm_soviet, armenia, ireland, nepal, suisse, sweden, turkey

Game engine (weapons):
 + New weapon: Rubber duck
 + Freezer can now freeze sticky mines (they get disabled and fall into the water)
 + Keep rope / parachute / flying saucer selected when destroyed and secondary ammo selected
 * Gameplay fix: Hammer damage is now rounded down. This means it will cause NO DAMAGE to a hedgehog with less than 3 hp.
 * Fixed air strikes drops being off-center
 * Fixed hedgehogs getting hurt while firing deagle / sniper rifle bullet in certain situations
 * Fixed mine, sticky mine, seduction, resurrector not working correctly across wrap world edge
 * Fixed teleportation being able to teleport in land if you clicked across the wrap or bounce world edge
 * Fixed turn not ending when sticky mine was trapped on rubberband
 * Rope is now destroyed when attempting to shoot it through wrap or bouncy world edge
 * Fixed possible to move rope angle below 0° while having secondary weapon selected
 * Fixed molotov cocktails bouncing vertically off rubber
 * Fixed sniper rifle disabling laser sight utility after using
 * Fixed RC planes being able to collect frozen crates
 * Fixed cake taking over 200 seconds to explode when its stuck and can't move
 * Fixed Birdy descending into water when hog took damage or died before it got picked up
 * Fixed player being able to switch to dying hog
 * Various other fixes

Game engine (gameplay):
 + Fort Mode will now work with more than 2 teams
 + Divided Teams mode will now work with more than 2 teams (Hint: you probably want to set world edges to "wrap" in such games)
 + Frozen hedgehogs can no longer be poisoned
 + AI hedgehogs can now use Bee, Vampirism and Time Box
 + Improved hedgehog spawns on maps that lack land mass or free space
 + Hogs no longer spawn on icy terrain
 + Temporarily suspend Heavy Wind mode while turn timer is not running
 + Engine supports now really gigantic maps
 * Fixed cursor often jumping back to screen center when putting target location while moving cursor
 * Fixed team getting infinite ammo when stockpiling >= 100 ammo (max. finite ammo is now limited to 99)
 * Fixed failure to collect crate across wrap world edge
 * Remove buggy “/finish” chat command
 * Fix key controls not working in ammo menu: ammo menu, placement, camera/cursor movement keys
 * Various other fixes

Game engine (graphics, sounds and texts):
 + Show indicator symbols at bottom right while extra damage or low gravity are active
 + Color coding for the turn timer: green = ready timer, yellow = turn in progress, red = retreat timer, gray = timer paused
 + Play countdown sounds at 1-4 seconds turn time
 + Several new sound effects for weapons and utilities
 + More ticker messages: Hog gets sick, king died, hog was resurrected, hog time travels (and returns), timeout, kamikaze
 + Small visual effects enhancements: Baseball bat, dynamite and more
 + Render graves behind everything else, so that they can't hide mines etc.
 * Video recording functionality is restored
 * Fixed screenshots being too bright if taken in quick succession
 * Fixed hedgehog voices missing a response type (Justyouwait/"You're gonna pay for that") on some platforms (e.g. GNU/Linux)
 * Fixed SD flakes of themes not working if regular flakes were disabled
 * Fixed Seduction's "Yoohoo!" sound not playing
 * Fixed hedgehogs saying “Missed” when drowning enemy without dealing damage
 * Fixed enemy saying "Missed” when giving poison without direct damage
 * Fixed hedgehogs not saying “Stupid” and not displaying announcer message for inflicting self-harm
 * Fixed incorrect time box tooltip when in Sudden Death
 * Fixed short sound effect breakdown right after using a time box
 * Fixed sticky mine sound sometimes playing when shooting portable portal device when a sticky mine is placed on terrain
 * Fixed hedgehog holding nothing in hand when napalm or piano strike got selected
 * Fixed excessive water splashes sometimes caused by mines

 + Show collected weapons after kill and play sound
 + Mission panel now shows all game modifiers (e.g. mines time, vampirism, etc.)
 + Loyal Highlander (optional): With “loyal=true” in script param, you only get weapons for enemy kills (clan kills don't count)
 * Removed "Freezer"/IceGun from the default Highlander weaponset

Construction Mode:
 + Added script parameter support:
  + initialenergy: Amount of energy at start
  + energyperround: New energy per round
  + maxenergy: Maximum allowed energy
  + cratesperround: Maximum placable crates per round
 + Completely reworked all in-game texts and descriptions
 * Fix rubber being placable inside land
 * Fix invalid girder placement costing energy
 * Special tools like structure placer now have their own proper descriptions (instead of Air Attack description, etc.)
 * Costs for weapon and utility crates were all equal
 * Remove airplane cursor
 * Fix Lua errors when hog goes to time travel while any filter is in map
 * Many other fixes and tweaks

Racer and TechRacer:
 + Allow to only place 2 waypoints in Racer
 + Allow to remove Racer waypoints with precise key
 + New script parameters for Racer:
  + rounds: Number of rounds to play
  + waypointradius: Size of waypoints
  + maxwaypoints: Maximum allowed number of waypoints
 + Show correct ranking and times in stats screen of Racer and TechRacer
 * Fix description and icon of waypoint placement tool in Racer
 * Remove airplane cursor in Racer
 * Fixed waypoint message in TechRacer and Racer overwriting current weapon selection message
 * Fixed TechRacer not recording finish if time was >= 100s

 + Support for multiple sets of walls per map
 + Add optional “Crate Before Attack” rule
 + Add optional “All But Last” rule
 + Add optional “Kill The Leader” rule
 + Script parameter support (see Lua file comment for documentation)
 + Possible to set max. number of weapons in game (script parameter only)
 + Menu can be disabled (with script parameter “menu=false”) for insant game start
 + Possible to set number of crates per turn
 + Ropes, ShoppaKing, ShoppaHell and ShoppaNeon can now be played with the classic left and right walls
 + Allows almost all game modifiers to be changed, the only exception is crate probabilities
 + New wall sets for Ropes, ShoppaNeon, ShoppaDesert, ShoppaWild, ShoppaKing and ShoppaHell.
 + Basic support for a bunch of Shoppa maps
 + Fully functional even without a map border
 + More sound effects
 + More helpful mission display after configuration has been accepted
 + Hide “Surf Before Crate” setting if surfing is disabled for this map, or the bottom is active and water never rises
 + Hide walls setting if script does not provide walls for map yet
 + Freeze crates at turn start if Walls Before Crate or Surf Before Crate is enabled (they unfreeze if you met requirements)
 + Allow toggling the radar with Switch Hog key while roping or rope selected
 * No smoke when hog is near near a WxW wall but walls need not to be touched
 * Fix other player being able to change the menu config in the short period before the first turn

 + Script parameter support:
  + spawnbarrels: New barrels per turn
  + spawnmines: New mines per turn
  + ammoflamer: Initial Flamer fuel
  + ammobarrel: Initial Barrel Launcher ammo
  + ammomine: Initial Mine Deployer ammo
  + minetimerplaced: Mine timer (ms) of mines dropped from Mine Deployer
  + bonustime: Bonus time (s) in utility crates
  + bonusflames: Bonus Flamer fuel in ammo crates
  + chanceammo: Per-turn % chance of an ammo crate drop
  + chancetime: Per-turn % chance of an utility crate (extra time) drop
 + Alternative weapon selection with slot keys (F1, F2, F3)
 + Add mine/barrel launch sounds
 + Add countdown sounds
 + Rewrote mission description and captions
 + Sound and message when trying to fire empty weapon
 * Permanently disable some game modifiers which won't work together with this

Space Invasion:
 + Show actual scores in stats screen, and a proper graph
 + Show a couple of “awards” (snarky comments) in stats screen
 + Remove bonuses “Boom!”, “BOOM!” and “BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!!” for balancing reasons
 + Script parameter support:
  + rounds: Number of rounds
  + shield: Initial shield
  + barrels: Initial barrel ammo
  + pings: Available radar pings
  + timebonus: Time bonus for red drones
  + barrelbonus: Ammo bonus for green invaders
  + shieldbonus: Shield bonus for purple invaders
  + forcetheme: Set to “true” to use the selected theme instead of EarthRise
 + Complete rewrite of almost all messages and the mission panel
 + More event messages
 + Show current score in HUD (white number)
 + Stop overwriting most game scheme’s parameters
 + Disable weapon scheme
 + More sounds: Empty ammo, countdown, throw, kamikaze, radar ping, explosion
 * Fix explosion being drawn twice when colliding with invader

 + Dud mine placement mode
 + Allow to select frames in sprite placement mode
 + New placable sprite: sprTargetBee
 + Complete rewrite of all help texts
 + Allow to add and subtract health
 + Add more convenient start values (e.g. for health)
 + Allow to set timer of sticky mines
 + Health crates can now have 0 health
 + Hog and team names (from identity modes) are now translatable
 + Show health/timer above health crates, barrels, mines, sticky mines and air mines
 + Allow to toggle health/timer display with Precise+3
 + Allow to toggle main help at any time with Precise+1
 * Add proper description and name for the gear placement tool (no more fake air attack)
 * Fix many issues with exported files
 * Fix placement mode being changable when gear placement tool is not selected
 * Make land gun spawn in utility crates instead of weapon crates
 * Stop aggressively showing the mission panel after any button press
 * Fix placement modes sometimes showing “nil” in caption
 * Fix girder sprite being displayed at top left for no reason
 * Ammo names are not hardcoded anymore (no more double work for translators)
 * Fix many missing or poor-quality texts for translation
 * Fix error when trying to set ShoppaBalance rank without anything selected
 * Don't show misleading circle when placing girder/rubber
 * Disable timer keys 2-4 in rubber placement mode
 * Fix incorrect weapon crate preview of air attack, drill strike and napalm

Other styles and schemes:
 + The Specialists: Saints get low gravity
 + Capture The Flag: Setting number of captures with script parameter “captures=<number>”
 + Mutant: Show appropriate ranking and graph in stats screen
 + Shoppa: Don't place air mines
 * Capture the Flag: Fix flag of first team spawning at second hog instead of first
 * Gravity: Using the low gravity *utility* had no effect. Now it halves the base gravity of the style
 * Disable Sudden Death for good in Shoppa game scheme, some game styles and mission maps

A Classic Fairytale:
 + Mission 4: Add infinite skip
 + Mission 5: Spare traitor's life with Skip instead of Precise
 + Mission 6: Add alternate dialogues when killing cyborgs before collecting the crates
 + Mission 6: Give hero only a portal gun at the final portal seqment, remove the large amount of crate drops
 + All missions: Clarify mine timers
 * Mission 1: Leap of faith: Hog was able to walk to the right and get stuck
 * Mission 1: Leap of faith: Teleport player back to mole when failing
 * Mission 2: Fix crash when trying to open ammo menu in opening sequence
 * Mission 2: Fix game sometimes getting stuck after walking back to Leaks A Lot
 * Mission 2: Fix breakages when heroes died before a new sequence, or together with enemies
 * Mission 2: Remove restart option when cooperating with cyborg; it messed up things too much
 * Mission 3: Fix various Lua errors when playing with 2 hogs and one of them dies
 * Mission 3: Fix broken end sequence after killing cyborg or princess
 * Mission 3: Fix broken sequence of princess being caged
 * Mission 3: All girder crates now have 3 girders each
 * Mission 5: Fix crash when skipping animation while the cyborg talks before the 3rd wave of cannibals starts
 * Mission 5: Make sure the player can only play with one hog after the cyborg imprisoned the other natives
 * Mission 5: Fix final animation being stuck if cyborg's way to the left is blocked
 * Mission 6: Block off left cave entrance to stop player to just rope all the way around
 * Mission 6: Fix mines not being able to get triggered in first turn
 * Mission 8: Fix Lua error message at the very beginning and error spam in intro sequence
 * Mission 10: Fix mission becoming unplayable when all hogs except the traitor died
 * All missions: Add missing texts for translation
 * All missions: Fix incorrect crate types
 * All missions: Rewrite mission texts to state missions more clearly
 * Fix swapped mission preview images of missions 2 and 3

A Space Adventure:
 + Side missions save and show your personal best successes (e.g. fastest finish in Hard Flying)
 + Spacetrip: Show 2 flowers over fully completed planets (with side missions)
 + All missions: Add skip where it doesn't hurt
 + All missions: Clarify mine timers
 + All missions: Improve displaying behaviour of mission panel
 + All missions: Change team colors
 + Side missions: Remove or shorten intro sequences
 + Side missions: Generous ready time to give more time to read the mission panel
 + Getting to the device: Put device part in a real crate, improve some dialogues
 + Final mission: Add outro sequence instead of instantly quitting
 + Bad timing: Improve messaging and choice dialog
 * Spacetrip: Fix various bugs and logic flaws in the initial mission
 * A frozen adventure: Fix bazooka and excess freezers (>6) not retained over checkpoints
 * A frozen adventure: Fix and improve poorly written messages
 * Getting to the device: Add real crate and correct message for collecting device part
 * Getting to the device: Remove checkpoints. There was a good chance for these missions to become unwinnable
 * Searching in the dust: Remove checkpoints. See above.
 * Searching in the dust: Fix Hog Solo dropping straight down when roping near smuggler
 * Searching in the dust: Fix incorrect messages after collecting device part
 * Precise flying: Fix victory not being recognized, also wait for flames to settle before losing
 * Hard Flying: Fix ending in a Lua error
 * The First Stop: Fix stats screen showing teams twice
 * Fruit planet: Fix “Precise shooting” disappearing directly after completing “Bad timing”
 * Fruit planet: Fix “Getting to the device” not visible when landing on fruit planet with first main mission completed only
 * Killing The Specialists: Fix killing hog with Deagle gave you chance to use another weapon in same turn
 * Fix weird behaviour when walking right before the first animation in most missions
 * Fix a couple of texts being untranslatable
 * Fix a variety of minor logic flaws in the story
 * Fix typos
 * All missions: Fix incorrect crate types

 + New scenario: Teamwork 2
 + New scenario: Big Armory
 + New training: Basic Flying Saucer Training
 + Rope-Knocking Challenge was improved (now awards score based on kills and time; taunts for knocking out hedgehogs)
 + Rewrote some help texts in basic rope training
 + Graphical effect (black bars) while in cut scenes
 + Change description and icon for baseball bat in Knockball mission map
 + Sniper rifle target practice: Dynamite blows up quicker, can also skip with precise key
 * Fixed mistakes and bad wording of strings in several missions, scripts and campaigns
 * TrophyRace: Fix hedgehogs not being eliminated anymore after one hog skipped or ran out of time
 * Portal Mind Challenge was cleaned up and reworked (especially less awful wording)
 * Fixed Target Practice missions getting stuck when a target dropped into water
 * Climb Home: Fix game getting stuck when a player reached home in multiplayer
 * Climb Home: Fix Lua error messages and broken stats screen
 * Sniper rifle target practice: Fix targets spawning twice in dynamite scenes
 * Sniper rifle target practice: Fix auto-camera generally behaving weird

 + Campaign screen shows which campaigns and missions you've completed so far
 + Training screen now has 3 mission categories: Training (tutorials), Challenge (get a high score), Scenario (complete a task)
 + Replaced the Fort Mode game modifier by adding "Forts" to the map type selection. This makes the mode easier selectable/discoverable. Also the slider can be used to adjust the distance between forts.
 + Menu screens got few new icons and many other tweaks, e.g. larger dropdown lists for easier access
 + Additional button for just randomizing theme that will not change your selected map
 + Randomizing map/theme in online mode will not include DLC content
 + New teams start with a random grave and fort
 + Hedgewars creates 4 human teams and 2 computer teams on its first launch
 + Allow to randomize hog names, hats, team name, flag, grave, voice and fort separately
 + “Random team” button is now able to randomly select from all available hats
 + Creating new game/weapon schemes guarantees unique names
 + Custom maps and styles are now marked with an icon instead of an asterisk
 + Mark custom forts in team editor
 + Room host can delegate room control to other player by rightclick
 + Switch from HTTP to HTTPS where possible
 * Fix flag being selectable for computer players although it had no effect
 * Campaign screen does no longer show AI-controlled teams
 * Campaign names and campaign mission names can now be translated
 * Creating randomized teams now randomizes (almost) every aspect
 * Fixed mostly broken descriptions for multiplayer mission maps
 * Clicking on "New" in weapon scheme editor now creates empty weapon scheme instead of default
 * Fix language names in language list being always in English
 * Prevent starting game with >48 hogs (because engine doesn't support it yet)
 * Fix the key for toggling team bars being incorrectly described
 * Fix caption of stats screen showing only one winner if multiple teams have won
 * Remove broken “Play again” button appearing in stats page after an online game
 * Weapons scheme editor: When leaving, it no longer flickers and the selection is not reset to Default
 * Team editor: Fix old team being retained when renaming a team
 * Team editor: Automatically rename team when leaving team editor page with an already used team name
 * Fix broken cancel button in the login window

Content Creation:
 + Theme objects can now have more than 1 in-land rect specified. You can specify the amount in theme.cfg by adding another number (and a comma) before the first rect
 + Theme objects can now be placed on water (by setting first in-land rectangle to 0,0,0,0)
 + Themes can now use flakes with negative falling speed (rising flakes)
 + Themes can now contain custom sound files: splash.ogg Droplet1.ogg Droplet2.ogg Droplet3.ogg skip.ogg
 + Themes can now have mirrored clouds and flakes: CloudsL.png, SDCloudsL.png, FlakeL.png, SDFlakeL.png
 + Water in themes supports custom animation and flow speed with water-animation and sd-water-animation in theme.cfg
 + Simplified hat format for unanimated hats; a single 32×32 image is enough. For clan hats, use size 64×32, with the color overlay at the right
 + Ammos.png and Ammos_bw.png in HWPs are now overlayed over the base images; use transparent icons to keep them unchanged from the original
 + Custom Sudden Death background tint for themes with sd-tint
 * Default water color was black instead of blue

 + Complete translations: German, Polish
 + Major translation updates: Scottish Gaelic, Italian
 + Loading screen can now be translated
 + A few window titles can be translated
 + Campaign names and campaign mission names can be translated
 + A Classic Fairytale, missions 8 and 10 can now be translated
 * Built-in texts from Qt (e.g. “cut”, “paste”, “copy”) in frontend weren't translated
 * Remove text from mission images to make them language-neutral
 * Fix English-only language/country names in language selection
 * Fix very, very broken mission map descriptions

Lua API:
 + New call: SetCinematicMode(enable) -- e.g. for cutscenes etc.
 + New call: GetAmmoName(ammoType [, ignoreOverwrite]) -- returns the localized name for the specified ammoType
 + New call: GetVisualGearType(vgUid) -- returns the visual gear type
 + New call: SetAmmoTexts(ammoType, name, caption, description) -- Overwrite displayed name and description of an ammo type
 + New call: SetAmmoDescriptionAppendix(ammoType, descAppend) -- Append a custom text to the description of an ammo type without overwriting it
 + New call: GetHogFort(gearUid) -- Returns the name of the fort of the hog's team
 + New call: PlaceRubber(x, y, frameIdx) -- Places a rubber
 + New call: SendGameResultOff() -- Disable the game automatically setting a game result in the stats screen
 + New call: SendRankingStatsOff() -- Disable the game automatically filling the team rankings in the stats screen
 + New call: SendAchievementsStatsOff() -- Disable the game automatically populating the bullet point list in the “Details” section on the stats screen
 + New call: GetTeamStats(teamname) -- Returns a table of team stats
 + New call: EndTurn([noTaunts]) -- Ends the current turn
 + New hook: onVisualGearAdd(vgUid) -- called when a visual gear is added
 + New hook: onVisualGearDelete(vgUid) -- called when a visual gear is deleted
 + New hook: onUsedAmmo(ammoType) -- called when ammo has been finished using (e.g. after both shotgun shots)
 + New variable: AirMinesNum -- Number of air mines being placed on a medium-sized map
 + New variable: WorldEdge -- World edge type (weNone, weWrap, weBounce, weSea)
 + New variable: AmmoTypeMax -- Maximum ammo type ID (useful to iterate through all ammo types, starting by 0)
 + New variable: ReadyTimeLeft -- Remaining ready time, 0 if turn in progress. Can be set in onNewTurn
 + Locale library: loc_noop -- Mark string for translation but don't translate it
 + Animate library: AnimInit([startAnimating]) -- New parameter startAnimating: if true, will start game in cinematic mode with most controls disabled. Must play an animation after that
 + Animate library: AnimSetInputMask(extraInputMask) -- Set input mask in a manner comptible with the Animate library
 + Animate library: AnimMove(gear, dir, posx, posy, [maxMoveTime]) -- new optional parameter maxMoveTime. If hog did not reach its destination within maxMoveTime milliseconds, animation stops and hog is just teleported there
 + Gear values: “Boom” -- used to modify explosion size and/or damage for most gears
 + 8 overridable custom sprites/sounds: sprCustom1-sprCustom8, sndCustom1-sndCustom8
 * Fixed call: HideHog(gear) -- Fix crash when gear is invalid. Returns true on success or false otherwise
 * Fixed call: SwitchHog(gear) -- Fix new hog being unable to open ammo menu
 * Removed call: SetAmmoStore -- Old undocumented function of questional use, has never been used
 * Fixed variable: Goals -- Fix Goals text being cut off at ca. 255 characters
 * Fix huge numbers having sign errors on 64-bit architectures

====================== 0.9.22 ======================
 + New Weapon / Map object: AirMine (floating mine that will follow nearby hedgehogs)
 + Extensive changes to TechRacer: Variable terrain types, enhanced parameters, hwmap interpreter, fuel limiter, etc. 
 + HedgeEditor - create missions/etc. in-game! see
 + Map previews can now take script parameters into account and preview waypoints in TechRacer
 + Added a couple new flags
 + Various tweaks to the interface and in-game chat
 + Divided teams options will now just be ignored when more/less than 2 teams/clans, instead of displaying a fatal error
 + Added 6 TechRacer maps to TechMaps
 + Added 3 SpeedShoppa Challenges: Shoppa Love, Ropes and Crates, The Customer is King
 + Hammer damage is now rounded up. This means it can be used to execute hedgehogs with only 1 hp.
 + Improved "Art" theme.
 * Generated bridges/girders are now connected better to the land mass
 * Fixed rubberband sprite
 * Fixed Wind-Indicator being wrong in certain situations
 * Melon Bomb Pieces now bounce on Rubberband
 * Reduced menu music volume
 * The game will now fallback to default voicepack if a team's voicepack is not locally installed. (Instead of rendering team voiceless)
 * Hammer now does more damage when the Extra-Damage utility is used
 * Many other bug fixes

 + New map parameter: MapFeatureSize -- numeric representation of detail slider below map preview; use within onGameInit()/onPreviewInit()
 + New functions: SetMaxBuildDistance([ distInPx ]) -- specify how many pixels away a hedgehog can still place girders/etc. set to 0 for no limit; call with no param to reset to default, 
 + New hook: onSuddenDeath() -- called by engine when sudden death begins
 + Parameters are now optional for the generic gear setters.  i.e. - SetVisualGearValues(gear, x, y).  nil values are skipped and not set.
 + PlaceSprite can now set land type (bouncy, indestructible, ice etc), colour the sprite, flip the sprite, and place the sprite behind existing land.
 + EraseSprite.  Can flip and selectively erase based on land flags.
 + More of the gear structure values are now accessible in the generic gear getter/setter.
 * Previously missing gear states are now available (gstSubmersible, gstFrozen and gstNoGravity)
 * Fixed OnHogAttack giving the incorrect AmmoType (amNothing) under certain conditions

====================== 0.9.21 ======================
 + New type of randomly generated maps: Perlin Maps.
 + Old Random generated maps are more diverse now.
 + Slider for adjusting land generation detail.
 + Highlander gamemode can now be used with custom weapon schemes (1-8=How probable to get this weapon. 9=All hogs get it)
 + New playable themes: "Hoggywood" and "Cake"
 + New gameplay mode "Construction Mode"
 + New gameplay mode "TechRacer"
 + New game play mode "DiagonalMaze" (generates a simple diagonal maze)
 + Add 7 target practice missions, now with simple scoring
 + Update RC Plane Challenge: Stats screen reworked and shows now several facts, simple ranking system based on used planes, some taunts in the game
 + New training/multiplayer mission: "Climb Home"
 + Game scheme screen has a "Script parameter" field now. This allows to make more customizable scripts/modes.
 + Network game rejoining. Note: Your team(s) will vanish after 3 turns.
 + Visual and gameplay changes to "sea" - world edge, visual change to wrap world edge to allow seeing through the wrap, visual change to bounce worldedge 
 + The map of the Basketball Mission can be selected for regular games again ("BasketballField")
 + New engine command: /togglechat will disable/enable chat display (does not affect chat history display)
 + Change to Racer: first weapon/utility available will be automatically selected on start
 + Added some visual feedback to failed girder placement.
 + Various performance tweaks, especially for very large maps.
 + Allow switching through hogs in reverse order with PRECISE+HOGSWITCH (left shift + tab, by default)
 + Added support for custom Sudden Death music to theme.cfg (e.g. sd-music=hell.ogg ).
 + New Hats: policegirl, fr_tomato, cratehider
 * Fixed drill rockets sometimes exploding on impact.
 * Fixed trainings broken due to indestructable targets/crates.
 * Fixes and tweaks for low qualily rendering.
 * Sinegun won't shoot through -solid- land anymore
 * Many bug fixes and tweaks.

Frontend / Netgame:
 + High resolution previews!
 + Preview for dynamic maps generated by game style scripts (e.g. "ShoppaMap))!
 + Moved room status filter to top left of rooms list.

Lua API:
 + New library: Params, makes parsing of script parameters easier
 + New library: TargetPractice, used to generate target practice missions (the newly added missions use it)
 + More helpful syntax error messages.
 + New hooks:
      onParameters(paramString) -- called when script parameters are configured. the parameter contains the parameter(s) as text string
      onPreviewInit() -- called during map preview initialization
      onGearWaterSkip(gearUid) -- called when a gear skims the water without drowning (when hitting it with high speed at low angle). By checking gearUid you can figure out which gear that was.
 + New functions:
      DismissTeam(teamname) -- removes a team from the game (note: if you used loc() on teamnames, don't forget to the translated teamname here too)
      GetGameFlag(gameflag) -- returns true/false
      PlaceSprite(x, y, sprite, frameIdx [, landFlag, ... ]) -- sprite refers to an id from the TSprite list
      SetWaterLine(waterline) -- moves water level to the specified y. the current value is in read-only global waterline
      SetNextWeapon() -- make current hedgehog switch to next weapon. e.g. use in trainings to preselect weapon
      SetWeapon(ammoType) -- decide which weapon the current hedgehog should equip
 + Map Drawing:
      -- to be used in onGameInit() -- first set MapGen to mgDrawn and then use the commands below
      AddPoint(x, y [, width [, erase] ]) -- takes x,y location, a width (means start of a new line) and erase (if line should erase, not draw)
      FlushPoints() -- makes sure that all the points/lines specified using the command above are actually applied to the map
 + New global enumerations:
      Mapgens: mgRandom, mgMaze, mgPerlin, mgDrawn
      TSprite values
      LandFlags: lfIndestructible, lfIce, lfBouncy
 + Changed functions:
      HogSay(gearUid, text, manner [, vgState]) -- now also allows you to make NON-Hedgehog gears speak, e.g. barrels... wait what?!
 + Changed hooks:
      onHogAttack() can now be hooked with new parameter: onHogAttack(ammoType) - to conveniently find out which ammo/weapon is being used
 * Fixes:
      gfResetHealth is now a available like the other GameFlags

====================== 0.9.20 ======================
 + New campaign, A Space Adventure!
 + Password protected rooms
 + Shapes on drawn maps (ellipses, rectangles)  - constrain dimensions with ctrl, as with straight line tool.
 + New rubber utility, lfBouncy mask (green) for maps.  lfBouncy is also anti-portal.
 + Lazy loading of many aspects of frontend to improve startup time under Windows
 + Set hog/team/health label defaults in config, toggle team health display using delete (left shift + delete for labels now)
 + Usernames next to teams when playing online.
 + Can now filter rooms by game style (such as Highlander). Filtering simplified since it is mostly unused.
 + AFK mode.  Press p when not your turn online to trigger autoskip of your turn.
 + Russian localisation of Default voice.
 + Map edges can wrap or bounce.  Also a silly "connect to the sea" mode
 + Sticky fire kicks you a bit less, fire interacts with frozen land/ice
 + Generated map stays same if the template is the same between groups (all/large for example)
 + Visual enhancements for whip and crosshair
 + Option to draw maps with a "shoppa" border - used by ShoppaMap lua at present
 + New hats
 + Translation updates
 + New lua script to control gravity.  May have unpredictable effects.  Try zero g shoppa.  Changes to allow lua to spawn poison clouds without interrupting turn.
 + Speech bubbles are now echoed to chat for logging purposes with the hog's name.
 * You should now thaw on your turn, not enemy's. AI frozen/unfrozen crate movement fix. Blowtorch can thaw frozen hogs.
 * Prevent target crosshair moving around unpredictably when doing multiple airstrikes
 * Rope should kick along surfaces more reliably, fix rope aim speed if you miss a shot, firing rope does not freeze timer, fix aiming on last rope
 * Remember bounce/timer in reset wep modes like Highlander
 * Increase precision in damage calcs; extra damage affects fire properly now
 * Fixed video recording resolution
 * Fixed context menu/cursor in text areas
 * Many bugfixes. Keypad enter in chat, hog sliding freezing game, team name flaws in Windows, localisation of tips, crasher in slots with no weapons, frontend holiday css.

====================== 0.9.19 ======================
 + New Freezer weapon - freezes terrain, water, hedgehogs, mines, cases, explosives
 + Saucer can aim weapons and fire underwater
 + Main graphical user interface overhaul
 + Splashscreen on Windows *_*
 + Up and down keys navigate in chat history
 + Several commands from chat available
 + Support hwplay:// scheme syntax
 + Supply full revision and hash information in version tag
 + Better set of options for driving engine
 + Downloadable content can now be stored in packages for easy uninstall
 + Lua scripts can load a sidecar overlay package of game resources
 + Math improvements for better performance/reliability
 + Smarter AI - now uses drill rocket accurately and is aware of barrels and dud mines.  More aggressive in infinite attack, lua can tell to target specific hogs, such as in Mutant
 + New fort, Steel Tower
 + New theme, Fruit
 + New hats - some national ones, Portal, harlequin, more animals...
 + New maps based on StarBound. SB_Bones, SB_Crystal, SB_Grassy, SB_Grove, SB_Haunty, SB_Oaks, SB_Shrooms, SB_Tentacles
 + Translation updates - Turkish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian - Campaign french should work correctly now
 + Theme object masks
 + Easier weapon selection in shoppa. F1 will select from F5 if there are no weps in F1-F4
 + Cleaver radius shrunk to improve usability on horizontal throws
 + Map hog limit is now just a suggestion, not enforced
 + Static map theme is now just the default, can be changed
 + Themeable static maps (provide a mask.png without a map.png)
 + Split seed with '|' to keep the land shape but change the hog placement
 * You can now move out of the way when throwing a sticky mine or cleaver straight up
 * Rope sliding should behave more like pre-0.9.18 again
 * Forbid kicking on 1v1 matches
 * Desync fixes
 * Fixed fort mode
 * Making very large maps now works properly with targeted weapons
 * ParseCommand should be safe to use in Lua now, at any time
 * Fixes to many weapons. Mudball, blowtorch, explosives, cluster bomb spread, portal.

====================== 0.9.18 ======================

 + 'A Classic Fairytale' Campaign
 + Video recorder (requires ffmpeg/libav)
 + Cleaver weapon
 + AI is now aware of drowning and fall damage
 + AI learned how to use Sniper Rifle and Cake
 + Variable pen width and eraser for drawn maps
 + Several trainings and missions
 + Allow setting custom local palette of teams colors
 + Hide eliminated teams from teams healths widget
 + Server doesn't delete room till last player quits it
 + PNG screenshots
 + Show bot level on CPU flag
 + Objects now have density value assigned which impacts their behavior on explosions, throwing from rope and drowning
 + Improve AI skills at Desert Eagel, Whip, Firepunch, Baseball Bat, Hammer, Cluster Bomb, Watermelon and walking
 + Individual hedgehogs healths in team health bar
 + Drill rocket wouldn't explode in your face if you stand close to wall
 + Ability to rope into a portal, allow RC plane to go through portals
 + Many small frontend improvements: get rid of "save" buttons, descriptions, allow to use network proxy, etc
 + Reduce amount of memory needed for engine to store land data
 + Countless other small fixes and improvements
 + Detect desyncs early
 + Mudball will not cause any direct damage anymore
 * Fix cake getting stuck in barrels, crates and hedgehogs
 * Fix all knowns bugs which caused network game hang when players close engine or quit
 * Fix drill strike bug when drill's timer gets ridiculously high value instead of explosion
 * Fix some crashes, freezes and memory leaks in frontend and engine

====================== 0.9.17 ======================
 + New theme, Cave
 + New voicepack, Hillbilly
 + More attractive mission screen with previews
 + Chat timestamping, links, input history, tab completion
 + AI smarter, now uses switch. Also tweaks to mine/crate/barrel rules
 + Customisable chat by dragging a .css file, see file generated by the /saveStyleSheet command
 + Errors/warnings in chat instead of popup boxes
 + Mousewheel to change hog/weapon counts in game creation
 + Refresh DLC page on access, display notice if DLC page is not accessible
 + Team colours changed, again
 + Land texture on maps using mask of black
 + Spread clouds/flakes over near/far layers for more 3D
 + Team coloured RC/airstrike
 + Icy girders/bridges on Snow/Christmas themes, support for ice land type (blue in mask)
 + Sticky mines, mines activate 1s after use in infinite attack mode
 + Grenades/bazooka/melon pieces/ballgun now kicked by explosions
 + Minor theme optimisation, Optional SkyR
 + Camera follows melon, clusterbomb, gas cloud
 * More fixes to fullscreen/window resize on non-Linux systems
 * Vertical movement should be restricted for small displays, camera will try less hard to keep hog in centre
 * Keep mouse from jumping around when ammo menu is active
 * Hogs can now move after trapping another hog in a portal loop
 * ctrl-w no longer closes engine window
 * Fix bugs in blowtorch angle/direction
 * Fix playing notes on the piano
 * Fix some colours in greyscale 3D
 * Fix Lua overrides of map config
 * Girders no longer make windows in tunnels
 * Prevent some more escaping through border, firepunch, pickhammer
 * Many frontend bugfixes, code cleanup. Crash in game abort, flake clipping, invalid state on room close
 * Many other engine bugfixes.  SDL event crasher, timebox crasher, birdy hang, desync on quits, crash in birdy eggshell, hammer + vamp + invuln, clouds on Deep Space theme, etc

====================== 0.9.16 ======================
 + In-game chat now supports backspace-repeat and Escape to close the text input area
 + Team status bars shrunk/made translucent if they take up a significant portion of the screen
 + Background music change on sudden death mode
 + Stereoscopic rendering
 + Installing content (anything under Data/ - maps, sounds, and any such stuff) to user profile allows custom adding/overriding of any Data/ content
 + Screen for downloadable content
 + Allow up to 8 teams in a game
 + New gameplay modes/styles: Racer, The Specialists, Tumbler, Space Invasion, Balanced Random Weapon
 + New single player missions: Bamboo Thicket, That Sinking Feeling, Newton and the Tree
 + New Weapon/Utility: Land Spray Gun
 + New Utility: Time Box
 + New Game mode: Tag team
 + New Game option for map bottom border
 + New Theme: Golf
 + Many new hats
 + Sudden Death art
 + Get away time modifier (in %)
 + Shoppa scheme by default resets ammo
 + Shots are on a tenth of a second delay instead of a 1 and a quarter second delay (fast deagle/portal fire)
 + Defective mines explode if they take enough damage
 + Rope head can attach to hogs/crates/barrels again (rope still passes through them)
 + Control of grenade bounce
 + Drill Strike bombs don't explode when leaving ground, but after a (customizable!) timer
 + Hammer impacts mines/barrels
 + Seduction is an Area-of-Effect attack now
 + Significantly altered flame behavior and damage.
 + 'Throwing' weapons into hogs (e.g. grenade) no longer does max damage.
 + Ukranian localization of Default voice. support for localized voices
 + Theme cleanup, including the new theme config file change
 + Improvements in scoring and tracking damage
 + Camera tracking now toggleable
 + Mudball does not end turn
 + Indicator for height of plane when using napalm
 + Land smoothing (looks less pixelated on generation and damage)
 + Improved lua script support (e.g. set per-hog ammo, place girders, spawn fake crates, switch hogs, change hats)
 + The names of the ShoppaKingTournament winners are now written on the Trophies in the ShoppaKing and TrophyRace maps!
 + Allow window resizes during game
 + Improved fullscreen capabilities
 + Additional/new sounds (mine impact, sine gun, etc)
 + Victory/flawless victory sounds
 * Voices don't overlap (was needed more due to faster game actions due to shortened delays)
 * Prevent portaling to impossible locations better
 * Snow accumulates more smoothly
 * Rope should be less sticky now
 * Rope shouldn't be able to get Hogs stuck on walls anymore
 * Fix for last portal shot always being yellow
 * More accurate napalm strike drop location
 * AI fixes (heh, yeah right)
 * Fixed locales, such as korean
 * Code refactoring
 * Various bug/leak fixes

Frontend/Menu and Netgame:
 + Drawing straight lines in drawn map mode (hold down the control key when clicking, then move mouse to end point and release).
 + Undo clear in drawn map mode
 + Autokick ignored players joining your room
 + Improved nick sorting in lobby and rooms. (not case-sensitive, letters first, friend @ top, ignored @ bottom)
 + Display player count in lobby
 + Lobby: Player names of online players can be clicked in chat directly so that you don't have to find them in the player list
 + Room names can be changed by the room admin without recreating the room
 * Fix invisible icons in popup menus
 * Various fixes and adjustments

====================== 0.9.15 ======================
 + Ability to create, save and load hand drawn maps
 + New maps: Capture the Flag (Blizzard) Map
 + New themes: Christmas
 + Snowflakes on Christmas/Snow themes accumulates on the ground
 + New game modifiers: No wind, More wind
 + New missions: Dangerous ducklings, Diver, Spooky tree, Teamwork
 + New weapons: Mudball, Drill strike
 + Many more Lua hooks
 + Readytimer
 + Ability to edit seed
 + Ability to select gameplay scripts
 + New gameplay scripts: Capture the Flag, No jumping, Random weapon
 + New Lua unified translation framework
 + Code refactoring
 + Max teams upped to 8
 + Cosmetic enhancements to Napalm strike
 + Selecting a game scheme selects the corresponding weapon set
 + Dust when drills dig
 + New hats: beaver, porkey, sheep
 + Add density property to Gears
 + Reworked management of schemes and weapon sets
 + Will ask before deleting teams, schemes and weapon sets
 + Explosions detach rope from land
 + Variable rope length in scheme
 + Allow hog speech when not your turn

====================== 0.9.14 ======================
 + New audio tracks
 + New forts: EvilChicken, Tank
 + New game modes: AI Survival Mode, Per Hedgehog Ammo, Reset Health, Reset Weapons, Unlimited Attacks
 + New grave: ring
 + Over 30 new hats
 + New themes: Art, Brick, Jungle, Stage
 + New maps: ShoppaKing, Sticks, TrophyRace (Mission)
 + New utilities: Portal Gun, Resurrector
 + New weapons: Flamethrower, Hammer, Old Limburger, Piano Strike, Sticky Mines
 + Weapons' projectiles will now be launched from their barrels instead of the hog's center
 + Flying Saucers may be used for moving below the water surface
 + New default game schemes: Clean Slate, Fort Mode, Timeless, Thinking with Portals, King Mode
 + New default weapon set: Clean Slate, Thinking with Portals
 + Bomb clusters/Melon parts inherit some of the original bomb's speed
 + Extended game statistics
 + Improved health bar updating
 + Hogs that blow themselves up will use triggers in their team color
 + Settings allow better control over the level of details/effects
 + Improved Lua support
 + On empty ammo switch to no weapon rather than the first available one (to avoid shooting by accident)
 + Display of hints in the frontend
 + Some improvements of existing Themes of Maps
 + Land destruction effects added
 + Improved fire effects
 + Improved Melon explosion effects
 + Online game lobby now features game filters
 + Other Frontend enhancements
 + Additional sounds
 + Show special game rules in Esc screen
 + Updated translation
 + Speed optimizations
 + Hedgewars will now use a sub directory of "My Documents" like other games instead of "%userprofile%/.hedgewars" under Windows
 + Added support for graphics cards/drivers that have a 512x512 pixel textures limit
 + Team colors are more distinguishable from each other now
 * Fixed bug that allowed charging a weapon while on rope, leading to frozen timer
 * Various bug fixes

====================== 0.9.13 ======================
 + Speed optimizations
 + New weapon: Birdy (carries your hog and lets you throw poisonous eggs at your foes)
 + Hats are visible while using rope and blowtorch
 + Explosive barrels
 + AI is able to handle artillery mode as well as new weapons
 + Weapon schemes now include crate probability as well as delays
 + Optional semi transparent labels for hogs to avoid hidden gaps
 + New voicepack: British
 + New frontend sounds
 + Frontend now allows you to add player names to either your friends or ignore list and join their current rooms (follow)
 + Optional tooltips explaining weapons in weapons menu
 + 3D effect for waves
 + Game now fades in/out at the start and end of a round
 + Flashlight effect when taking screenshots
 + Holding 'precise' key now allows hogs to change direction without moving
 + New game modes: place hedgehogs, king mode, randomized starting order, shared ammo, no girders
 + Improved CJK text handling and detection
 + Dud mines
 + Reserved hats for donators (reservation time is limited; they'll be useable by everyone some months later)
 + Added team flags (pick your country or your favorite 'fun' flag)
 + Active team's name blinking on round start
 + Team chat for spectators
 + New explosion graphics with screen shakes for huge explosions
 + Hogs might react to thrown grenades or explosives and panic
 + Popup effects visualizing collected weapons
 + New visual effects (dust, smoke, gun shells)
 + Replaced the UFO with the Homing Bee
 + View ammo menu even while other player's turn
 + Preview alternate weapon while using another one (e.g. parachute, rope and flying saucer)
 + Splashes and droplets once objects fall into water
 + 45 degree bounce for grenades
 + New bounce sounds for most objects
 + Several new sounds for hedgehogs including walking animation and some emotes
 + Show special game rules at round's start
 + Support for Lua scripts (used for tutorials as well as 'mission' maps)
 + Changed Basketball map to be a mission including scoreboards
 + Added Knockball mission
 + New crazy map template
 + New random map generator supporting maze type maps
 + New game schemes: Barrel Mayhem, Tunnel Hogs
 + New weapon scheme: Tunnel Hogs
 + New themes: Olympics, Desert
 + Lots of other updates to other themes
 + Background textures for destroyed land simulating depth (on random maps only)
 + New target cursors
 + Many new hats
 + Additional effects
 + Icon for hwengine under windows
 + Delete old teams using the frontend
 + Support for long localized strings (longer than 255 bytes)
 + Xfire support (shows nickname, server and room name in player info)
 * Fixed showing two cursors in some situations
 * Drill rocket's sound will now stop even after drilling right into water
 * Properly unload SDL_mixer's support libraries on engine shutdown
 * Fixed several memory leaks
 + Lots of other bug fixes and additions we already forgot during this huge release
 + Updated translation
 + PowerPC architecture supported
 * Reduced memory footprint and leakage

====================== 0.9.12 ======================
 + Zoom
 + New weapons: flying saucer, molotov cocktail
 + More sounds
 + New visual effects
 + Updated graphics
 + Chat within team only
 + Remember net password
 + More trainings
 + Implement room control delegation when host's connection fails
 + Colorize chat events in engine
 + [mac only] Add Sparkle framework to automatically update the program when a new version comes out
 + [mac only] Add M3InstallController for easy installation
 * Fix crash in replay caused by speechbubbles
 * Fix some desync causes
 * Fix rope bugs
 * Fix bugs in weapon selection code

====================== 0.9.11 ======================
 + Speech bubbles
 + Many new hats, new graves
 + New taunts
 + New voice pack, new default voice
 + Animated stars in frontend's background
 + New music
 + Vampirism weapon and game mode, karma mode
 + Artillery mode
 + Sniper rifle
 + Options for mine delay/quantity
 * Fix disconnection from server not been performed correctly
 * Don't crash engine after round in reduced quality mode
 * Fix game desync when oneof players quits
 * Hedgehogs don't take hat off when jumping
 * Fix initial room map config desync
 * Fix team name in training
 * Fix crash in parachute/rope if drowning with active girder/teleport
 * Fix rope disappearing bug

====================== 0.9.10 ======================
 + Many new hats, maps, themes, updates on existing ones
 + Remove small pixels left by fire
 + Double possible land dimensions, allow up to 48 hedgehogs in game
 + Brand new net server
 + Cave mode
 + Initial sound volume option
 + Increase rendering speed and overall graphics performance
 + New game options
 + Game schemes
 + New voicepack
 + Reduced quality mode for better performance on old computers
 + Random teams generator
 + Many utilities
 + Templates filter
 + Water bouncing
 * Fix underwater theme soundtrack
 * Fix blowtorch delete condition
 * Fix crash when attackbar wasn't deleted, but hedgehog gear was
 * Fix spectating when one of players left the game
 * Fix accidental rope removing from ammo in some cases
 * Prevent engine crash when not enough place for all hedgehogs
 * Fix bug with not working toggles 'rectrict joins' and 'restrict team adding'
 + Fix engine slowdown when trying to switch ammo while firing bazooka

====================== 0.9.9 ======================
 + Voicepacks
 + Teams health graphic on statistics page
 + Colorize join/quit messages in chat
 + Precise aiming
 + RC Plane weapon
 * Fix ballgun breaking net game on 64bit systems
 * Fix bug when hedgehog was unable to drop some weapons from rope in certain conditions
 * Fix page switching issues when disconnected
 * Fix rope bug which allowed hedgehog to go into land
 * Fix cake stucking up in air on some maps
 * Fix three cursor bugs
 * Fix autogenerated demos/saves filenames problems
 * Fix engine freeze when switching hedgehog in certain conditions

====================== 0.9.8 ======================
 + Many net server fixes
 + Lobby on net server
 + Napalm weapon
 + Drill rocket and Ballgun weapons
 + Show quit reason message
 + Solid Land option
 + New maps
 + Many new forts
 + Improve Hellish hand grenade
 + Spectating for those who joined after game start
 * Fix silent crash when cannot place all hedgehogs
 * Fix small damage tag issues
 * Fix a bug leading to engine silent crash when using whip, bat or firepunch (and probably flame)
 * Limit chat history to 250 entries to avoid DoS attack with its use

====================== 0.9.7 ======================
 + Completely redesign the frontend, no longer looks like an ugly program launcher
 + New art
 + Add fullscreen mode to frontend
 + New Castle map
 + All map rendering now 32bit / theme objects have alpha channels
 + Bath, Freeway, Hell, Sheep, Underwater themes
 + PirateFlag, Sheep maps
 + Seduction weapon
 + Dedicated server
 + Increase possible length of team and Hedgehog names
 + New music
 + Ability to customize your hedgehogs with a variety of hats
 + Ability to customize water colour in themes
 + Watermelon Bomb Weapon
 + Hellish Hand Grenade Weapon
 + /me now works in chat
 + Ability to divide teams on any map
 * Fix rope getting stuck bug
 * Make soundtrack loop better
 * Fixed small glitch with placing girders
 * Fixed grenade sound
 * AI uses the mortar better

====================== 0.9.6 ======================
 + New Cake weapon
 + New maps: EarthRise, Bamboo, Bath, BambooPlinko
 + New theme EarthRise
 + Add soundtracks for each theme
 + Show picked up ammo name when playing demo
 + Make engine fonts bold
 + Small sound improvements
 * Fix clouds shaking up
 * Repair screenshots capturing

====================== 0.9.5 ======================
 + Taunts
 + Exit confirmation dialog
 + Sudden death
 + Maps added: Hydrant, Lonely Island
 + Updated mushroom map
 + Translations added: German, Slovak, Bulgarian, French
 + More impressive exposions
 * Fix bad sprite when you jump and get hit

====================== 0.9.4 ======================
 + In game chat is now implemented, chat (and taunt!) your buddies during network play
 + Mortar, whip and Kamikaze weapon additions
 + Two new themes, desert island and city
 + New maps
 + New animations, including an idle animation!
 + Rope reworked, much greater momentum, ability to aim the rope between swings
 + AI updates
 + Teams now work in fort mode, i.e. 2v2
 + Ability to attack whilst jumping/rope swinging
 + Some weapons can only be used after a certain number of turns
 + Lots of new graphics
 * Many network/gameplay bug fixes

====================== 0.9.3 ======================
 + Switch to OpenGL rendering
 + Massive graphics update
 + New animations, weapon sprites
 + New themes 'Snow' and 'Nature'
 + Many new sounds
 + Hedgehog backjump
 + Automated parachute
 + Hedgehog can jump even when someone is on its head
 * Improve and bugfix statistics
 * Fix bug allowing to make stack of hedgehogs using teleport
 * Fix fall without damage trick, which could be performed with not attached rope
 * Don't show enemy's picked weapon name
 * Fix hedgehog moving direction after been shot by shotgun
 * Fix bug with handling keys while it is enemy's turn

====================== 0.9.2 ======================

 + Add registration of net game in web
 + Introduce weapons sets support
 + Add teleportation tool
 + Add hedgehogs switching tool
 + Add tags with current damage (alt damage option on options page)
 + A couple of new land templates
 + Decrease network bandwidth usage
 + Add clans support (teams with identical colors are allies)
 + 's' key speeds up demo playing
 + Easter egg
 + Full saves support, 'Saved games' page
 + Add ability to choose which info is shown above hedgehogs
 + AI can use Air Attack weapon
 + Get possible screen resolutions from SDL library
 + Add Desert Eagle and UFO sounds
 + Add parachute sprite
 + Add training mode
 + New theme and map 'Volcano'
 + Moving hedgehog could make another hedgehog moving kicking him
 + Save and restore window size on application restart
 * Fix using parachute while staying on the ground
 * Fix old rope regression (attaching didn't work properly, when hedgehog is jumping)
 * Fix AI jumping to wrong direction on the turn start
 * Fix rare conditions causing network game to randomly fail
 * Make missiles collide with attacking hedgehog