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fix sentry left jump Movement Training
Basic_Training_-_Movement.desc="Greenhorns start here! Learn how to move on different forms of terrain and how to switch hedgehogs." Bazooka Training
Basic_Training_-_Bazooka.desc="Learn how to use the bazooka, learn about the wind and destroy all targets." Grenade Training
Basic_Training_-_Grenade.desc="Learn everything you need to know about grenades and destroy all targets. Remember: You pull the pin AND throw!" Rope Training
Basic_Training_-_Rope.desc="The rope is one of the most versatile utilities you can get, but it needs a lot of practice. Here you learn the basics of roping." Flying Saucer Training
Basic_Training_-_Flying_Saucer.desc="With a flying saucer you can reach pretty much any point, if you know how to operate it. Learn how to fly, how to attack from a flying saucer and even learn how to perform some cool stunts." Ducklings
User_Mission_-_Dangerous_Ducklings.desc="Alright, rookie! Time to put what we learned in Basic Training into practice!"
User_Mission_-_Diver.desc="This 'amphibious assault' thing is harder than it looks."
User_Mission_-_Teamwork.desc="A malfunctioning cyborg is guarding a valuable military secret. You need to lead a special ops team of two hedgehogs with the task to destroy the enemy in order to obtain the secret! It is absolutely critical for our future operations that both your hedgehogs survive." 2
User_Mission_-_Teamwork_2.desc="We have located a secret outpost of the Cybernetic Empire and it is only guarded by a harmless watch bot. Lead your special ops team to destroy the watch bot so we can claim the base as ours. Like before, we need both hedgehogs to survive!" Tree
User_Mission_-_Spooky_Tree.desc="Lots of crates out here. I sure hope that bird ain't feeling hungry." Thicket
User_Mission_-_Bamboo_Thicket.desc="A cyborg is terrorizing the bamboo thicket and attacks anyone in sight with a practically perfect accuracy. Plan ahead, move fast and take out the enemy quickly!" Sinking Feeling
User_Mission_-_That_Sinking_Feeling.desc="The water is rising rapidly and time is limited. Many have tried and failed. Can you save them all?" and the Hammock
User_Mission_-_Newton_and_the_Hammock.desc="Remember hoglets: The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force!" Great Escape
User_Mission_-_The_Great_Escape.desc="Escape your prison and take revenge!" Knocking
User_Mission_-_Rope_Knock_Challenge.desc="Use your rope to knock all your enemies to their doom." Laugh
User_Mission_-_Nobody_Laugh.desc="Oh, these clowns think they're so funny! They may have outnumbered us, but we have plenty of turn time. Take out all these wannabe comedians one by one until there's nobody left to laugh." Plane Challenge
User_Mission_-_RCPlane_Challenge.desc="Use RC planes to get all crates. Try to use as few RC planes as possible to improve your rank. Do you have what it takes to become a top-class elite pilot?" Armory
Big_Armory.desc="You are alone, have a full armory and must defeat 8 hedgehogs before the time runs out." Battlefield
Bazooka_Battlefield.desc="Your loyal hedgehogs have ambushed the enemy. Destroy them only with bazookas! But don't take too long, the water will rise soon." Terror
Tentacle_Terror.desc="Below a terrible monster, your enemy is hiding like a coward and will attack you with air strikes as soon you lose cover. Show him who's the real boss in Hell! But you need some devilish good roping skills to even stand a chance." Home
ClimbHome.desc="You are far away from home and the water is rising. Climb as high as you can!" Mind Challenge
portal.desc="Use the portal to move fast and far, use it to kill, use it with caution!" Practice: Bazooka (easy)
Target_Practice_-_Bazooka_easy.desc="Alright, soldier, blow those targets up as fast as you can!" Practice: Bazooka (hard)
Target_Practice_-_Bazooka_hard.desc="Can you hit the targets even when they are very far away?" Practice: Cluster Bomb
Target_Practice_-_Cluster_Bomb.desc="Someone needs a hot shower! With cluster bombs!" Practice: Shotgun
Target_Practice_-_Shotgun.desc="Shoot first, ask questions later!" Practice: Sniper Rifle
Basic_Training_-_Sniper_Rifle.desc="This is the perfect shooting range for snipers! Destroy all targets as fast and accurate you can and become a legend!" Practice: Homing Bee
Target_Practice_-_Homing_Bee.desc="Using the homing bee is trickier than it seems." Practice: Grenade (easy)
Target_Practice_-_Grenade_easy.desc="A warm-up training for the aspiring grenadier." Practice: Grenade (hard)
Target_Practice_-_Grenade_hard.desc="This is nothing for greenhorns! We will place the targets at some really tricky positions." Trial: Shoppa Love
Challenge_-_Speed_Shoppa_-_Hedgelove.desc="Show your love to rope and collect a few crates on a small map." Trial: Ropes and Crates
Challenge_-_Speed_Shoppa_-_Ropes.desc="Take your rope and collect all crates on this medium-sized map." Trial: The Customer is King
Challenge_-_Speed_Shoppa_-_ShoppaKing.desc="Show you're worthy of a true king and collect all crates as fast as possible on this large map."