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Hedgewars - a turn based strategy game.

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Copyright 2004-2015 Andrey Korotaev <> and others.
See QTfrontend/res/html/about.html and CREDITS for a complete list of authors.

Source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence
version 2; images and sounds are distributed under the terms of the GNU Free
Documentation Licence version 1.2. See the COPYING file for the full text of
the licenses.

See our wiki at:

You can find an outline of the necessary dependencies in the INSTALL file.

Source code:
Our main repository is located at using
Mercurial as DVCS. A Git repository is also available (mirrored daily)

If you see a bug or have any suggestion please use the official bug tracker at or the integrated feedback

If you want to help or get to know the sources better you can do that with some
easy tasks from We also have an
extended API in LUA to customize your adventures in our wiki at

If you know your way through the code feel free to send a patch or open a pull
request. The best LUA scripts get released in the official DLC page and later
integrated in the next version.

* IRC channel     - irc://
* community forum -
* mailing list    -