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Tue, 26 Jul 2022 12:37:17 +0200
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Fix texture copying routine not taking pitch into account

download_and_zip (){
    echo "Downloading: $1"
    curl -silent -o $1 #grab the zips from an url
    unzip -qq  -d SDL-android-project/jni/tmp #unzip it to a tmp file
    rm -fr SDL-android-project/jni/$2 #remove any old dirs, we will get those files back with hg revert in CMakeList
    mv SDL-android-project/jni/tmp/* SDL-android-project/jni/$2 #move the tmp dir to the jni directory
    rm #remove old tmp dir
download_and_zip jpeg
download_and_zip png
download_and_zip SDL_image
download_and_zip SDL_mixer
download_and_zip mikmod #temporary url since the site doesn't work at the moment
download_and_zip SDL_net
download_and_zip SDL_ttf
download_and_zip SDL