switch every optimization from Os to O2 0.9.20 0.9.20-release

missed this in the merge. rejected the uGearsHandlersMess changes thinking they were all desyncing, but there was the function rename from uLandGraphics 0.9.20

Some fixes

move CMAKE_Pascal_FLAGS_* flags after enabling the Pascal language or they get overwritten 0.9.20

Not a thing which is needed in release tarball

merge safe fixes from default. physfs include order, tips file length check, server checker fixes, shoppa border fix, land drawing optimisations, physfs off by 1 (probably unused by us), rubber svg image 0.9.20

merge from .20


Uberfix. TODO: ask fpc guys wtf.

A bit of formatting

(0) -3000 -1000 -300 -100 -10 +10 +100 +300 +1000 +3000 tip