Add many ticker messages for the new ticker events
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Add many ticker messages for the new ticker events
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 ; Hog (%1) was poisoned
 02:12=%1 feels sick
+02:12=%1 looks very bad
+02:12=%1 needs a doctor
+02:12=%1 has been badly poisoned
+02:12=%1 feels uneasy
+02:12=%1 fell victim to chemical warfare
+02:12=%1's skin assumes a very unhealthy color
+02:12=%1 should have taken those vitamins
+02:12=%1 feels a pain in the stomach
+02:12=%1 doesn't look healthy
+02:12=%1 nees a sickbay
+02:12=%1 has a really, really foul smell
+02:12=Are you okay, %1?
+02:12=%1 suffers from the health loss disease
+02:12=%1 forgot to take the antidote
+02:12=%1 has the fever
+02:12=%1 should not have inhaled that awful smell
+02:12=%1 should have brought a gas mask
+02:12=%1 needs some medicine
+02:12=%1 has been infected
+02:12=%1 looks awful
+02:12=%1 doesn't have health insurance
+02:12=%1 needs to go to the hospital
+02:12=%1 is sickened
+02:12=%1 needs cough-medicine
+02:12=%1 tries to fight off the sickness with thoughts
+02:12=The poison surges through %1
+02:12=Poison slowly wears down %1
+02:12=%1 needs first aid soon
+02:12=%1 needs help fast
+02:12=Don't stand too close to %1
+02:12=%1 assumes a sickly green color
+02:12=%1 feels the poison
+02:12=%1 feels weaker and weaker
-; Hog (%1) was resurrected
+; Hog (%1) was resurrected. Remember that hogs can also be resurrected by the game style (e.g. AI Survival)
 02:13=%1 has been resurrected
+02:13=%1 has been brought back TO hell
+02:13=%1 gets a second chance
+02:13=%1 is alive again
+02:13=%1 has been brought back from the dead
+02:13=%1 is among the walking dead
+02:13=%1 is reborn
+02:13=%1 feels alive like never before
+02:13=%1 has defeated death
+02:13=%1 laughs at the Grim Reaper
+02:13=%1 gets another shot in life
+02:13=%1 is alive and well again
+02:13=%1 has been brought to unlife
+02:13=%1 is among us again
+02:13=%1 is surprised to be alive again
+02:13=%1 feels super-refreshed
+02:13=%1 had good Karma
+02:13=%1 rises from the dead to scare the enemy
+02:13=%1 rises up from the grave
+02:13=Don't ruin your second chance, %1!
+02:13=%1 is still needed
+02:13=%1 was too important to die
+02:13=Life surges through %1
+02:13=%1 feels the power of life
+02:13=%1 has been kicked out of Heaven
+02:13=%1 is the chosen one
+02:13=%1 knew the religion of rebirth was right all along
+02:13=%1 knew this day would come
+02:13=Beware, %1 is back!
+02:13=%1 is going to make some trouble … again!
+02:13=%1 is your worst nightmare
+02:13=And you thought you could defeat %1?
+02:13=%1 is stronger than death
+02:13=Death means nothing to %1
+02:13=%1 doesn't forgive
+02:13=%1 lives another time
+02:13=%1 is revived by black magic
+02:13=%1 is ready to serve again
+02:13=%1 gets an extra life
+02:13=%1 was not ready to die just yet
+02:13=%1 serves again
+02:13=The time for %1 has not come yet
 ; Hog (%1) explodes after an kamikaze attack
 02:14=%1 dies in honor
+02:14=%1 died a brave death
+02:14=Forever remember %1
+02:14=Say farewell to the brave warrior %1
+02:14=%1 fights with honor
+02:14=%1 was filled with honor
+02:14=%1 was full of rage
+02:14=%1 exploded in anger
+02:14=%1 performs a tactical self-destruction
+02:14=How brave of %1!
+02:14=%1 is a true hero
+02:14=%1, soldier of bravery
+02:14=We will not forget %1
+02:14=%1 will be in our hearts
+02:14=%1 strikes with furious anger
+02:14=%1 dies as a true war hero
+02:14=%1 is a huge fan of Independence Day
+02:14=%1 made the ultimate sacrifice
+02:14=%1 used a one-time weapon
+02:14=%1 took “martial arts” literally
+02:14=What an impressive stunt, %1!
+02:14=%1 turns war into an art form
+02:14=You should not have angered %1
+02:14=%1 plays with fire
+02:14=%1 strikes for a last time
+02:14=%1 deals the final blow
+02:14=%1 was a devout follower of the cult of Death
+02:14=%1 brings death and destruction
+02:14=%1 is gone for good
+02:14=%1 had no fears
+02:14=%1 dies for the country
+02:14=%1 is a kamikaze pilot
+02:14=%1 just did it for the attention
+02:14=%1 will be world-famous
+02:14=%1 had nothing to lose
+02:14=%1 gave the best
 ; Hog (%1) returned from time-travel with the time box
+; These texts are intentionally kept simple and clear to not confuse the player
 02:15=%1 returns from time travel
+02:15=Time-traveller %1 returns
+02:15=%1 walks out of the time box
+02:15=The time box of %1 has arrived
+02:15=%1 is back in our present timeline
+02:15=Welcome back to our time, %1!
+02:15=%1 arrives in the present
 ; Hog (%1) runs out of turn time (not shown in infinite attack mode)
 02:16=%1 was too slow
+02:16=%1 forgot to keep an eye on the time
+02:16=Even snails are faster than %1
+02:16=%1 fell asleep
+02:16=%1 forgot to attack
+02:16=%1 was about to make a perfect shot. I swear!
+02:16=%1 has no sense of time
+02:16=%1 plays in slow motion
+02:16=%1 needed more time
+02:16=%1 could have used a few more seconds
+02:16=Time's up, %1!
+02:16=%1 just wasted an amazing opportunity
+02:16=%1 gets no points for style
+02:16=%1 wins the participation award
+02:16=%1 would win no medal in the Olympics
+02:16=Think faster, %1!
+02:16=You disappoint me, %1!
+02:16=%1 thinks time is relative
+02:16=%1 doesn't believe in the concept of time
+02:16=Stop wasting our time, %1!
+02:16=%1 is unbelievably slow
+02:16=Someone should wake up %1
+02:16=%1 forgot to set up the alarm clock
+02:16=%1 ran out of time
+02:16=%1 lives the slow life
+02:16=Try to be faster next time, %1!
+02:16=Your turn doesn't last forever, %1!
+02:16=%1 forgot to bring a watch
+02:16=%1 should have bought some time
+02:16=%1 is a time-waster
 ; King (%1) has died
 02:17=%1 is dead! Long live %1!
+02:17=Royal tragedy: %1 found dead
+02:17=%1 is no longer with us
+02:17=Our beloved king %1 has left us
+02:17=%1 was a tyrant anyway
+02:17=Finally we got rid of %1!
+02:17=%1's days as a leader are counted
+02:17=The royal legacy of %1 has come to an end
+02:17=%1 has been overthrown!
+02:17=Without the guidance of %1, the team is lost
+02:17=The great leader %1 suddenly doesn't look so great anymore
+02:17=The kingdom cries for %1
+02:17=%1 died like a real king
+02:17=%1 is a dead leader
+02:17=%1 is an ex-king
+02:17=%1 has been dethroned
+02:17=The reign of %1 is over
+02:17=%1 dies, and so does a kingdom
+02:17=%1 loses in King Of The Hill
+02:17=%1 was a weak king
+02:17=There are far greater kings than %1
+02:17=The war took down %1
+02:17=%1 had it coming
+02:17=%1 has been torn apart
+02:17=%1's power has been stripped away
+02:17=%1 died of kingly causes
+02:17=%1 lived a dangerous life
+02:17=%1 has angered the mob
+02:17=%1 had too many enemies
+02:17=And you called %1 a king?
+02:17=%1 did not deserve to be king
+02:17=Down with %1!
 ; Weapon Categories
 03:00=Timed grenade