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     1 #summary Lua library documentation of Achievements; contains assorted helper functions
     2 #labels !LuaLibrary
     3 = Lua library: `Achievements` =
     4 WARNING: The achievements system is still very bare bones. It might be subject to major changes in future. This library should only be used internally by Hedgewars at this point.
     6 This is simple library for awarding an achievement to the player, to be used in missions. They are not meant for multiplayer.
     8 An achievement in Hedgewars is a simple award given for doing something awesome or difficult in a mission, or winning a mission in a great way.
     9 Achievements are a hidden feature in Hedgewars so far and far from complete.
    10 One example achievement is “Lively Lifeguard” in the mission “That Sinking Feeling” for rescuing all hogs.
    12 == `awardAchievement(name, statText, capgrp)` ==
    13 Awards an achievement with name `name` to player.
    15 Currently, this only displays a caption and adds a mention in the stat screen.
    17 * `name`: Name of achievement.
    18 * `statText`: Optional. If set as string, this text will be shown in the stats screen. If `nil`, a default text is used.
    19 * `capgrp`: Optional. Caption group of `AddCaption` to be used. Default is `capgrpMessage2`. If `false`, no caption is shown.
    21 For consistent style, treat the name like a title is written in the English language. Good: “Naughty Ninja”. Bad: “naughty ninja”.