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     1 #summary How to setup the official racer room
     3 = Racer Room Setup =
     5 == Overview ==
     6 Some time ago unc0rr added support for "fixed" server rooms in order to have a permanent room for hosting race maps.  A little manual setup is required, and at present must be recreated on every new release and server restart.
     8 == Removing the Room ==
    10 In order to add a room for a new release, the old room must be removed first.  Join the game using the old release, join the Official Racer Room then run:
    11 /unfix
    12 /delegate YourNick
    14 Then exit.  The room will be removed.
    16 == Updating the room config for a new release ==
    18 The racer room configuration is currently here: [https://hg.hedgewars.org/hedgewars/raw-file/tip/misc/racer.room]
    19 It is stored relative to the game server.
    20 According to unc0rr, any errors in syntax will kill the server, so be careful!
    21 To update for a new release you usually just need to add new characters to the AMMO for any newly added weapon entries.
    22 :s/\([0-9]\{58\}\)/\10/g
    23 will do this in vim, where 58 is the number of weapons in the current racer room and the 0 is for the addition.
    24 New maps can be added too, using existing entries as a reference.
    26 == Setting up the room ==
    28 After having removed the old room, create a new room named "Official Racer Room".  Restrict join to registered players only (unregistered don't get recorded in the stats) then run:
    29 /loadroom racer.room
    30 /fix
    31 /callvote map #01
    33 And leave.  The callvote will cause errors as long as you are still the room admin, but they don't matter.  You can quit/rejoin before that step if you wish.