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   * Document the interaction of engine/frontend/server network protocol
   * Document how the engine launches a game, from setting up the window, to updating the opengl renderer, from loading up contents, to cleaning up memory.
-  * Document how the map drawing protocol work and how to implement the code for another frontend.
   * Document the format of the demo and save files.
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 == AI ==
   * Make our AI use of the rope weapon to move and reach better positioning before firing.
-  * Make our AI know about drowning in any way.
   * Make our AI use any weapon of your choice.
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 == GUI improvements ==
-  * Don't close room on admin quit if game in progress.
   * Enable private messages in our server.
   * Allow kicking with reason.
   * Modify the drawn maps feature so that users can see a preview of what the admin is drawing.
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   * Make the preferences that are modifiable from engine (eg. volume) update the ones specified in the frontend, using a new network message.
   * Rework the draw-map functions, adding different brush sizes, brush types and something new.
   * Drop a shadow effect to every widget in our frontend. This will help you:
-  * Notify players about room name change: there should be a new message type added to the protocol. ("ROOM", "RENAME", "oldName", "newname"). A possible implementation could be to pdate the Qt-Frontend that it accepts messages of the format posted below at that it updates the room list; after accepting the message the user interface should reflect the name change. So room list gets updated and if player is in that room s/he'll see a notice message in chat about the room name.
   * Rework the game map section (eg. instead of using a dropdown menu, use standard push buttons).
   * Create an advanced settings page, where to specify different screen resolution for windowed and fullscreen mode, different audio preferences, different quality configuration and so on.
-  * Enable some commands while in frontend: fpr example /leave ( = /part  - for leaving room), /quit (disconnects from server), /exit (closes hedgewars), /addFriend, /removeFriend, /ignore, /unignore.
-  * Implement proxying support for connecting to the Hedgewars server.
+  * Enable some commands while in frontend: for example /leave ( = /part  - for leaving room), /quit (disconnects from server), /exit (closes hedgewars), /addFriend, /removeFriend, /ignore, /unignore.
 == Graphics ==
   * Make Hedgewars compatible with SDL-1.3: code compiles and launches fine but we have problems for input, due to the frontend/engine interaction.
-  * Set up a wifi protocol so that tablets can draw maps and send it to the dawn maps of Hedgewars.
+  * Set up a wifi protocol so that tablets can draw maps and send it to the drawn maps of Hedgewars.
 == Engine ==