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-We will now go into each of them
-   # SDL - quite easy, comes with a project file in Xcode-iPhoneOS that can be used to generate the library
-   # SDL_image - easy, you need to uncompress a tar file to get the project file but then you can compile the library
-   # SDL_net - surprise! No project file for iOS; i had to take the Mac one and change targets 
-   # SDL_ttf - the above applies here as well
-   # SDL_mixer - here's where the fun begins! Besides changing targets, you need to remove unnecessary decodes from the preprocessor macros; you'll find more details about this [ here]
+Each library has its own iOS project file under the folder Xcode-iOS/; also here you need to build both Release and Debug for all the Architectures available. After this step remeber to update the include paths and linker information in the main Xcode project file.
 == Necessary Tools ==
-Besides the iOS SDK, you need a special variant of Freepascal to build the engine; luckily the whole process of getting it is well documented here:
+Besides the iOS SDK, you need a special variant of Freepascal to build the engine as well as the standard Freepascal compiler. So let's download and install (in order):
+  * [ fpc-intel-macosx]
+  * [ fpc-arm-ios]
+The latter one will run a script on its own, let it finish and if no errors are reported, your system is ready! If you get stuck anywhere, luckily there is a full documentation about this process on the [  Freepascal Wiki]
 = Building process =