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 <code>Default: $80</code>
 == `sd-water-opacity` ==
-The water opacity while in Sudden Death. By default, it has the same value as `water-opacity`, or `$80` if `water-opacity` is unspecified.
+The water opacity while in Sudden Death. Syntax and default value is equivalent to `water-opacity`.
+== `water-animation` (0.9.23) ==
+Specified a custom water animation and flowing speed before Sudden Death.
+<code>Values: frames, frame ticks, movement speed</code>
-<code>Values: opacity</code>
+* `frames`: Number of frames in `BlueWater.png`. It is suggested to stack the frames horizontally.
+* `frame ticks`: Duration of a single frame. Must be >0 if frames>1, otherwise it is ignored
+* `movement speed`: How fast the water moves to the right. Higher values means faster movement. If negative, it moves to the left. Use 0 to stop movement
-<code>Default: $80</code>
+<code>Default: 1, 0, 1</code>
+== `sd-water-animation` (0.9.23) ==
+Sudden Death equivalent of `water-animation`, uses `SDWater.png`.
 == `music` ==
 Name of the music file to be played in the theme before Sudden Death, e.g. `Nature.ogg`. You find music tracks in `Data/Music` of the Hedgewars installation directory. The file name is case-sensitive!