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 Note: `dX` and `dY` are returned by the `GetGearVelocity` function.
 ==== `gtSwitcher` ====
-This gear handles the hedgehog switching of the “Switch Hedgehog” utility.
+This gear handles switching of hedgehogs, represented by spinning arrows. As long this gear exists, hedgehogs can be switched with the Switch Hedgehog key. This gear is destroyed, thus ending hog switching, as soon the hedgehog does something, like walking or choosing a weapon. There should never be more than one `gtSwitcher` at once in the game.
+*Note*: To enable hog switching from Lua, `AddGear` won't work, you must call `EnableSwitchHog()` instead (available in 0.9.25 or later).
  * `X` and `Y`: Position of the spinning arrows