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 Download and untar it, ill refer to the ndk as `<`NDK`>`. That’s it :)
+== FreePascal ==
 We need to download the sources from the Freepascal website and compile the crosscompiler. I have grabbed the latest stable release 2.4.4 , though any version will work. Once downloaded, extract the  tar/zip and place the files in a known directory. I will refer to the directory  with `<`fpc`>` from now on. Next navigate to the `<`fpc`>` directory and compile it, for this various tools are needed, ‘make’ for instance. But also a fpc compiler for your system. Some apt-get/aptitude magic will solve these problems, make a comment if you run in to problems. Use this to compile the crosscompiler:
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 On the device/emulator start the application up :)
 TODO verify that it works on Windows and OS X add dependency list of utilities (ant, fpc compiler for host, make etcetc)
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