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 <blockquote>returns tuple of x,y coordinates for the specified gear
+=== <tt>!GetGearVelocity(gearUid)</tt> (dev) ===
+<blockquote>returns tuple of dx,dy values for the specified gear
 === <tt>!GetHogClan(gearUid)</tt> ===
 <blockquote>returns the clan id of the specified hedgehog gear
@@ -275,6 +279,10 @@
 <blockquote>Places the specified gear exactly at the position (x,y).
+=== <tt>!SetGearVelocity(gearUid, dx, dy)</tt> ===
+<blockquote>Gives the specified gear the velocity of dx, dy.
 === <tt>!SetAmmo(ammoType, count, probability, delay, numberInCrate)</tt> ===
 <blockquote>This updates the settings for a specified [AmmoTypes Ammo Type] as of count available for players, spawn probability, availability delay in turns, and the number available in crates. This is supposed to be used in the onAmmoStoreInit() even handler.
@@ -303,10 +311,11 @@
 <blockquote>This sets the position and velocity of the second gear to the first one.
-=== <tt>CopyPV2(gearUid, gearUid)</tt> ===
+=== <tt>CopyPV2(gearUid, gearUid)</tt> (deprecated) ===
 <blockquote>This sets the position of the second gear to that of the first one, but makes its velocity twice the one of the first.
+Notice: This is removed in dev, use GetGearVelocity and SetGearVelocity instead.
 === <tt>!FollowGear(gearUid)</tt> ===
 <blockquote>Makes the gameclient follow the specifiec gear.