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 ==== `RemoveFunction()` ====
 Removes the first function from the aforementioned list.
-==== `AnimInit()` ====
+==== `AnimInit([startAnimating])` ====
 Initializes variables used by the other functions. Needs to be called in `onGameInit`.
+Since 0.9.23, an optional convenience parameter `startAnimating` is available; if set to `true`, the game will start in “animation” mode which enables cinematic mode and disables all controls except precise for skipping. This is useful if you want to indicate that an animation will be played right at the start and the player must not be allowed to use any controls before the animation is over. If you set this parameter to `true`, you also *must* play at least one animation after this, otherwise the game will be stuck.
 ==== !AnimUnWait() ====
 Decreases the wait time used by cinematics. It is best called in `onGameTick`.