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 <code lang="lua">    local gear = !AddGear(0, 0, gtTarget, 0, 0, 0, 0)
     !FindPlace(gear, true, 0, LAND_WIDTH)</code>
-=== <tt>!AddVisualGear(x, y, viusalGearType, state, critical)</tt> ===
+=== <tt>!AddVisualGear(x, y, visualGearType, state, critical)</tt> ===
 <blockquote>This creates a new visual gear at position x,y (measured from top left) of kind visualGearType (see [VisualGearTypes Visual Gear Types]).  The function returns the uid of the visual gear created.  Set critical to true if the visual gear is crucial to game play.  False if it is just an effect, and can be skipped when in fastforward (such as when joining a room).  A critical visual gear will always be created, a non-critical one may fail.  Most visual gears delete themselves.