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  * `Frame`: !AmmoType ID of ammo to display (see [AmmoTypes])
 == `vgtHealthTag` ==
-A health tag for hedgehogs. But with a few changes, this is also useful to display arbitray numbers on the screen.
+A health/damage tag for hedgehogs. It shows a whole number surrounded by a simple border. `dX` and `dY` can be used for moving it around.
+This is shown at the end of a turn to show the total damage received by each hedgehog in that turn.
+But this visual gear is also very useful to show an arbitrary whole number on the screen.
+By default, it is white and moves upwards a few pixels before it disappears. Set `dX` and `dY` to 0 to disable movement.
  * `Angle`: Scale ratio. `1` = 100%
  * `Frame`: If `0`, its position is relative to the landscape. If non-zero, it will align to the screen instead
- * `State`: Number to display
+ * `State`: Number to display (must be a whole number)
  * `Timer`: Expiration timer
+ * `Tint`: Color of number and border
 == `vgtSmallDamageTag` ==
 NOTE: Due to a bug, this cannot currently be used in Lua scripts.
-Damage indicator, displays a damage value. Looks similar to `vgtHealthTag`, but is smaller.
+Damage indicator, displays a damage value. Hedgewars uses this as the "small" damage tag used to instantly show damage of a single hit.
-The parameters are the same as for `vgtHealthTag`.
+Looks and behaves similar to `vgtHealthTag`, but is slightly smaller. The parameters are the same as for `vgtHealthTag`.
 == `vgtSpeechBubble` ==
 Displays a speech bubble with text. In Lua, you cannot change the text after this has been created. Use `HogSay` in Lua to spawn a speech bobble properly.