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 === <tt>onNewTurn()</tt> ===
 This function calls at the start of every turn. You can set `ReadyTimeLeft` here to change the ready time for this turn. (See also: `Ready`)
-=== <tt>onEndTurn()</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>onEndTurn()</tt> ===
 This function calls at the end of every turn. The end of a turn is defined as the point of time after the current hedgehog lost control and all the important gears are either gone or have settled.
 `CurrentHedgehog` holds the gear ID of the hedgehog whose turn just ended.
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 Because this function is called *before* victories are checked, this is useful to set up your victory conditions here.
-=== <tt>onSkipTurn()</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>onSkipTurn()</tt> ===
 This function calls when a hog skips its turn.
 === <tt>onCaseDrop(gear)</tt> (1.0.0) ===
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 For example, it is called right after a bazooka is fired, when both shots of a shotgun have been fired, when extra time is used, or when all 4 shots of a portable portal device have been fired. It is also called when using a multi-shot ammo has been aborted by changing the weapon selection mid-way, because this still uses up the ammo.
-*Warning:* In 0.9.24 or earlier, you must not manipulate any ammo within this callback, e.g. by using `AddAmmo`. The ammo storage might become garbled otherwise.
 == Controls ==
 === <tt>onAttack()</tt> ===
 This function is called when the current player presses the attack key.
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 This is used while a special hand-drawn map is loaded. The engine is building these hand-drawn maps by reading points from the map definition. Optionally, some of these points may be “special”. These are not actually drawn on the map, but are used to store additional information for a position on the map. Special points currently need to be added manually in the map, the in-game editor is not able to add those yet.
 Now, when such a special point at the coordinates `x` and `y` with an assigned value of `flags` is added, this function is called. `flags` is a whole number between `0` and `255` inclusive.
-This function is used in Racer and !TechRacer to define waypoints.
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+This function is used in Racer and !TechRacer to define waypoints.