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 Returns `true` if the specified gameflag is enabled, otherwise `false`.
 == Turns ==
-=== <tt>SkipTurn()</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>SkipTurn()</tt> ===
 Forces the current hedgehog to skip its turn.
-=== `EndTurn([noTaunts])` (0.9.23) ===
+=== `EndTurn([noTaunts])` ===
 Ends the current turn immediately.
 Normally, a “Coward” taunt may be played and an announcer message may be shown (depending on the situation). Set the optional `noTaunts` parameter to `true` to force the engine to never play a taunt or show a message. `noTaunts` is `false` by default.
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 === <tt>!SetWind(windSpeed)</tt> ===
 Sets the current wind in the range of -100 to 100 inclusive. Use together with `gfDisableWind` for full control.
-=== <tt>!GetWind()</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!GetWind()</tt> ===
 Returns current wind, expressed as a floating point number between -100 to 100 inclusive. Note there may be rounding errors.
 === <tt>!SetMaxBuildDistance(distInPx)</tt> ===
 Sets the maximum building distance for of girders and rubber bands in pixels to `distInPx`. If `distInPx` is `0`, the limit is disabled. If called without arguments, the distance will be reset to the default value.
-=== <tt>Explode(x, y, radius[, options])</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>Explode(x, y, radius[, options])</tt> ===
 Cause an explosion or erase land, push or damage gears.
 By default, an explosion destroys a circular piece of land and damages and pushes gears in its radius.
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 === <tt>!SetAmmoDelay(ammoType, delay)</tt> ===
 Changes the delay of a specified [AmmoTypes Ammo Type]. If `delay` is set to `9999`, the ammo type is disabled indefinitely.
-=== <tt>!SetAmmoTexts(ammoType, name, caption, description [, showExtra])</tt> (0.9.23) ===
+=== <tt>!SetAmmoTexts(ammoType, name, caption, description [, showExtra])</tt> ===
 Allows you to overwrite the displayed name and tooltip descriptions of a given ammo type. This function must only be called either inside the `onGameStart` callback function, or after the engine has called `onGameStart`.
  * `ammoType`: The ammo type to set the text for
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 -- Overwrites bazooka name and description
 SetAmmoTexts(amBazooka, "Spoon Missile", "Crazy weapon", "This crazy weapon looks like a spoon and explodes on impact.|Attack: Hold to launch with more power")</code>
-=== <tt>!SetAmmoDescriptionAppendix(ammoType, descAppend)</tt> (0.9.23) ===
+=== <tt>!SetAmmoDescriptionAppendix(ammoType, descAppend)</tt> ===
 Will set a string `descAppend` to be appended below the “core” description (ammo tooltip) of the specified `ammoType`, without changing the ordinary description.
 Note that calling this function always sets the complete appended string, you can't use this function to append multiple texts in row.
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 Note: By default, ammo is per-team, so calling `AddAmmo` for a hedgehog will add/set the ammo for the whole team. The game flags `gfPerHogAmmo` and `gfSharedAmmo` change how ammo is managed in the game, so these game flags also affect `AddAmmo`.
-=== <tt>!GetAmmoName(ammoType [, ignoreOverwrite ])</tt> (0.9.23) ===
+=== <tt>!GetAmmoName(ammoType [, ignoreOverwrite ])</tt> ===
 Returns the localized name for the specified `ammoType`, taking an ammo name overwritten by `SetAmmoTexts` into account. If `ignoreOverwrite` is `true`, this function will always return the original ammo name of the weapon and ignores names which may have been overwritten by `SetAmmoTexts`.
 === <tt>!SetAmmoSlot(ammoType, slot)</tt> (1.0.0) ===
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 || 6 || long || vertical ||
 || 7 || long || increasing right ||
-=== <tt>!PlaceRubber(x, y, frameIdx)</tt> (0.9.23) ===
+=== <tt>!PlaceRubber(x, y, frameIdx)</tt> ===
 Attempts to place a rubber with centre points `x`, `y` and a certain orientation, specified by `frameIdx`. The rubber can only be placed in open space and must not collide with anything so this function may fail. It will return `true` on successful placement and `false` on failure.
 These are the accepted values for `frameIdx`:
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 === <tt>!GetInputMask()</tt> ===
 Returns the current input mask of the player.
-=== <tt>!SetVampiric(bool)</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!SetVampiric(bool)</tt> ===
 Toggles vampirism mode for this turn. Set `bool` to `true` to enable (same effect as if the hedgehog has used Vampirism), `false` to disable.
 === <tt>!GetVampiric()</tt> (0.9.25) ===
 Returns true if vampirism mode is currently active.
-=== <tt>!SetLaserSight(bool)</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!SetLaserSight(bool)</tt> ===
 Toggles laser sight for this turn. Set `bool` to `true` to enable (same effect as if the hedgehog has used Laser Sight), `false` to disable.
 === <tt>!GetLaserSight()</tt> (0.9.25) ===
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 <code language="lua">-- Add mission team with default clan color
-=== <tt>!GetTeamName(teamIdx)</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!GetTeamName(teamIdx)</tt> ===
 Returns the name of the team with the index `teamIdx`. `teamIdx` is a number between 0 and `TeamsCount-1`.
-=== <tt>!GetTeamIndex(teamname)</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!GetTeamIndex(teamname)</tt> ===
 Returns the team index (number between 0 and `TeamsCount-1`) of the team with the name `teamName`.
-=== <tt>!GetTeamClan(teamname)</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!GetTeamClan(teamname)</tt> ===
 Returns the clan ID of the team with the given `teamName`.
 === <tt>!DismissTeam(teamname)</tt> ===
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 This function must not be called while it's the team's turn.
-=== <tt>!SetTeamLabel(teamname[, label])</tt> (0.9.24) ===
+=== <tt>!SetTeamLabel(teamname[, label])</tt> ===
 Set or remove a label for the team with the given team name. The label is a string and will be displayed next to the team's health bar.
 If `label` is `nil`, the label will be removed.
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 === <tt>!GetRandom(number)</tt> ===
 Returns a randomly generated whole number in the range of `0` to `number - 1`. `number` must be a whole number >= 1. This random number uses the game seed, so is synchronised, and thus safe for multiplayer and saved games.
-Use `GetRandom` for anything that could impact the engine state. For example, a visual gear could simply use Lua’s `math.random`, but adding a regular gear should use `GetRandom`.
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+Use `GetRandom` for anything that could impact the engine state. For example, a visual gear could simply use Lua’s `math.random`, but adding a regular gear should use `GetRandom`.