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  * `/share/hedgewars/Data/misc/hwengine.desktop`—*Do not translate*! This file will be automatically generated from `` when building Hedgewars
  * `/share/hedgewars/Data/misc/hedgewars-mimeinfo.xml`—Description of Hedgewars file types
+The map selection shows brief descriptions for mission maps. Those can be translated and you find those texts in:
+ * `/share/hedgewars/Data/Maps/<map name>/desc.txt`
+Replace “`<map name`>” with the name of any mission map. To translate these, add a line of the format `language code=description`. (e.g. “en=This is an example.” for English.) You must prepend commas with a backslash (so write “`\,` for a comma). The space for mission map descriptions is short, so make sure to test your translations in the menu.
 == Updating an existing translation ==
 That is relatively easy. Just edit the existing file. You can edit every file with your favorite editor and the `.ts` file with Qt Linguist.