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 The Params library is a small library introduced in 0.9.21. It provides a function to parse the parameter string `ScriptParam` and it is intended to simplify using this string.
 This library requires the parameter string to be in a certain format. It must be a comma-seperated list of kev-value pairs in the `key=value` format. Examples:
-health=100, ammo=5
-param1=hello, param2=whatever, param3=5325.4
-Using this library is by no means neccessary.
+<code>health=100, ammo=5</code>
+<code>param1=hello, param2=whatever, param3=5325.4</code>
+Using this library is by no means neccessary, you could use practically whatever syntax you wish if you write your own code for parsing.
 === `parseParams()` ===
 Parses `ScriptParam` and writes the result into the global table `params`. The table will follow the `key=value` pattern. Both keys and pairs are stored as string.
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 If the key-value pair `myparam1=hello` is present, this script writes “Hello World!” in the console. All these inputs would trigger the event:
-myparam2=whatever, myparam1=hello
-g=4, f=56, m=56, myparam1=hello
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+<code>myparam2=whatever, myparam1=hello</code>
+<code>g=4, f=56, m=56, myparam1=hello</code>
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