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+#summary A short information about flags
+= Flags =
+== Explanation of flags ==
+Flags are little rectangular images shown in the team bar as a team’s symbol.
+== Creating flags ==
+To create a flag, draw a PNG image of size 22×15 pixels.
+To install a flag, put it into `Data/Graphics/Flags` of the Hedgewars data directory.
+The file name has have “.png” at the end, the file suffix will not be shown in Hedgewars. Depending on the name, the flag will be displayed in different ways in Hedgewars:
+ * Default flag: The flag “hedgewars.png” (shows a hedgehog), flag of new teams
+ * Community flags: The flags whose file name starts with “`cm_`” are listed as “community flags” in Hedgewars (the prefix is removed)
+ * National flags: All other flags
+== Limits ==
+Please note that flags are _not_ automatically shared when you play online. Unless the other players have your flag, too, they will only see the default flag for your team instead.
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