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 For `siPointType`, we support a few common point types. Just set `statMessage` to one of the following values below:
 || *Value of `statMessage`* || *Meaning* || *How it may appear in team rankings* ||
-|| _Not set_ || Number of kills (default) || Team 1 (8 kills) ||
 || `"!POINTS"` || Number of points || Team 1 (25 points) ||
 || `"!CRATES"` || Number of crates || Team 1 (25 crates) ||
 || `"!TIME"` || Number of milliseconds, shown as seconds with 3 decimal places || Team 1 (0.025 seconds) ||
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 || `"!EMPTY"` || Don't display anything besides the team name || Team 1 ||
 || _Anything else_ || Custom text with number. Display `statMessage` after the number || Team 1 (25 stars) ||
-The default text is is “kill”/“kills” and is used when you didn't use `siPointType`.
+If `siPointType` was not used, the point type will default to “number of kills” and is displayed in the ranking like “Team 1 (2 kills)”.
-The default and the special values with the exclamation mark will get automatically localized in the frontend, like the proper translation of the numerus form and the decimal point. Do not enclose the special values in `loc()` (see [LuaLibraryLocale]).
+The default point type and the special point types (those with the exclamation mark) will get localized in the frontend, including numerus form and decimal point. Do not enclose these special values in `loc()` (see [LuaLibraryLocale]).
-The custom text will not be automatically localized, so you can enclose it in `loc()`. But there's no support for the numerus form.
+If you use the custom text with number, it will not be localized by the frontend. You can enclose it in `loc()` in Lua. However, this type doesn't support localization of the numerus form and decimal point, so only use this one as a last resort.
 === Examples ===