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  * `Boom`: Damage of a hit and damage and explosion size of the final explosion. Default: 30
 ==== `gtKnife` ====
-A cleaver.
+A cleaver. If the cleaver takes a lot of damage, it might fall down into the water (without colliding with the land) eventually.
  * `Boom`: Scaling value for the impact damage. The actual damage does not linearly scale. Default: 40000
+ * `Damage`: Holds the damage taken by the cleaver received in the current tick (damage taken *at once*). For each tick, `Damage` is first checked and then reset to 0. If the damage was greater than 30, then there is a chance the cleaver will drop, with the chance increasing with the damage. When `Damage` is over 100, the cleaver will drop for sure.
 ==== `gtPiano` ====
 A piano from piano strike. By default, a piano bounces up to 5 times on the terrain, causing 3 big explosions (80 damage each) per impact.