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 *You can see example of how unnamed branches and bookmarks are used best [ HERE]*
-= How to make your changes known and available to us  =
+= How to export your changes so that we can use them  =
 TODO: diffs, exported patches, public repo clone, etc.
+== Public Repository ==
+If you setup a public repository e.g. at github, bitbucket or your own server, just push your commits there.
+Then send us the links to the commits/bookmarks in question!
+= How to let us know that you want your commits/patches to go into the official repository =
+Just send your patches (or links to them) to [/contact.html the development mailing list].
+Don't forget to add a short description (can be a copy of the commit message if it's explaining everything needed).
+*Note*: Please be aware that by sending in patches you grant unC0Rr (the project leader) *all rights* to your code (and any patents you may hold on it).
+That implies that your code *will be made public* under the *[ GNU GPL2]*.