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 #summary Lua library documentation of Animate; for cinematics, cut-scenes and other nice animations
 #labels !LuaLibrary
 = Lua library: `Animate` =
+<wiki:toc max_depth="2" />
 This library provides functions that aid cinematic/cut-scene creation and functions for handling events.
 In order to use its full potential, the following lines need to be at the beginning of `onGameTick`.
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 === `ShowAnimation()` ===
 Performs the current action in the cinematic and returns `true` if finished, otherwise `false`. It needs to be used in `onGameTick`. Cut-scenes need to be added with `AddAnim(steps)`.
-=== `Animate()` ===
+=== `Animate(steps)` ===
 === `AddAnim(steps)` ===
 Adds `steps` to the array of animations, where `steps` is a table with numbers as keys and elements of the following form. Each step is a table having the following keys: `func`, `args`, `swh`.