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  * `frames`: Number of frames used in `Flake.png`
  * `frame ticks`: Number of ticks a frame is shown, after that the next frame is shown (a tick currently equals 1 millisecond). A value of 0 indicates that each flake should keep displaying the exact frame that was selected randomly when the flake was created.
  * `rotation speed`: How fast the flakes rotate. `0` = no rotation, and all flakes spawn unrotated. With any other value, flakes also spawn with a random rotation
- * `vertical speed`: Vertical speed of flake. Positive values are for falling flakes, while negative values make them rise
+ * `vertical speed`: Vertical speed of the flakes. A positive value makes the flakes fall, while a negative value makes them rise
 <code>Values: number, frames, frame ticks, rotation speed, vertical speed</code>