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 === `Chunk.png` ===
 A sprite sheet of 4 images for “chunks”. These images appear and “fall off” when some piece of landscape has been blown away. The image has a size of 64×64 and the images are in a raster of 2×2 images.
-This image has a default.
+This image is optional. If missing, no chunks are used.
 === `Dust.png` ===
 A dust particle animation which appear when something hits the ground hard. This is a sprite sheet with a size of 22×176 pixels, each image has a size of 22×22 pixels. The topmost image shows the start of the animation, the lowest image the end of the animation.
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 === `Clouds.png` ===
 A sprite sheet of one or more cloud images for the clouds before Sudden Death. Each in size of 256×128. The cloud images have to be stacked vertically, so if you have 5 clouds, you have to use an image of size 256×640.
-This has a default image.
+If missing, `Data/Graphics/Clouds.png` is used.
 === `SDClouds.png` ===
 Sudden Death version of `Clouds.png`. If missing, `Data/Graphics/SuddenDeath/SDClouds.png` is used.
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 The game will cycle through each frame in order (for each individual flake).
 As alternative to having one kind of animated flake, you can use frames to have static, but visually different kinds of flakes
 Flakes can be configured in `theme.cfg`.
+If this file is missing, no flakes are shown before Sudden Death.
 === `SDFlake.png` ===
 Sudden Death version of `Flake.png`. If missing, `Data/Graphics/SuddenDeath/SDFlake.png` is used. This image contains skulls and bones.
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 === `BlueWater.png` ===
 This will be drawn on the top of the water, before Sudden Death. The size is 128×48 pixels. It does not have to be blue, despite the name. This image will be repeated horizontally. It is recommended to edit `water-top` and `water-bottom` in `theme.cfg` as well if you use a custom image, so the colors match nicely.
-By default, this image is a single blue wave.
+By default, this image is a single blue wave found in `Data/Graphics/BlueWater.png`.
 === `Splash.png` ===
 The water splash animation before Sudden Death. It is shown when something large falls into the water. A sprite sheet containing a splash animation of 20 frames. The image has a total size of 160×500 pixels and the sprites are arranged in a grid 2×10 images. The single images have a size of 80×50 pixels each. The animation starts with the leftmost image and continues downwards, after the 10th image, it continues with the top right image and continues downwards again.
+If missing, `Data/Graphics/Splash.png` is used.
 === `Droplet.png` ===
 This images contains a few droplets (before Sudden Death) which will be drawn when something walls into the water. A sprite sheet of 4 images of size 16×16 sprites each, total size 16×64 pixels.
+If missing, `Data/Graphics/Droplet.png` is used.
 === `SDWater.png` ===
 Sudden Death version of `BlueWater.png`. By default, this is a single purple wave. If missing, `Data/Graphics/SuddenDeath/SDWater.png` is used.