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 = Taunts =
 This page is a quick overview over all available taunts in Hedgewars. This list is important if you want to create [Voicepacks voicepacks] to ensure that you didn’t forget a taunt. For a list of all sound effects which are not taunts, see [Sounds]. There is also a brief description when these taunts are played in Normal mode. Lastly, there is a transscription of the taunt for the Default voicepack for better orientation.
-All files have to be in the Ogg Vorbis format. Make sure the file names you use match the case as used on this page to ensure your voicepacks also work on case-sensitive systems.
+All files have to be in the Ogg Vorbis format. The file names are *case-sensitive*!
 When playing taunts, there is often a bit of randomness involved, especially if there are multiple taunts for the same events. Additionally, scripts can play these sounds at any occacion. If you are a script author, it is recommended that you try to stick as close to the intended meaning as possible but this is not a requirement, of course.