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 === `SetGearVelocity(gearUid, dx, dy)` ===
 Gives the specified gear the velocity of `dx`, `dy`.
-=== `CopyPV(gearUid, gearUid)` ===
-This sets the position and velocity of the second gear to the first one.
+=== `CopyPV(fromGearUid, toGearUid)` ===
+When given two gears as arguments, this sets the position and velocity of `toGearUid` to the position and velocity of `fromGearUid`.
 === `FindPlace(gearUid, fall, left, right[, tryHarder])` ===
 Finds a place for the specified gear between x=`left` and x=`right` and places it there. `tryHarder` is optional, setting it to `true`/`false` will determine whether the engine attempts to make additional passes, even attempting to place gears on top of each other.