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 Default: `sdmusic.ogg` (only if `music` was specified, no music otherwise)
+== `fallback-music` ==
+Fallback music for the `music` setting. This setting should be added whenever you use a custom music which is not part of the official Hedgewars install. Otherwise you don't need to set this.
+If the music specified in `music` is missing, Hedgewars attempts to use this fallback music istead. **Only** use tracks which come with the official Hedgewars install.
+Note that if Hedgewars fails to find a music, it defaults to silence.
+Fallback music is not yet supported in 0.9.23, but it will be supported in 0.9.24. You can already add this setting safely, Hedgewars 0.9.23 (and earlier) will just ignore it.
+== `fallback-sd-music` ==
+Like `fallback-music`, except it's for `sd-music`.
 == `clouds` ==
 The number of clouds to create, before Sudden Death. Uses `Clouds.png`.