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    * Link (OS 32 bits):
    * Link (OS 64 bits):
  # _Windows building archive_ - it contains everything you need to compile Hedgewars on Windows.
-   * Link:
+   * Link:
 = Setup =
  # Install CMake, but please *ensure* you select "Add CMake to the system PATH for all users", so you can run CMake directly from command line.
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  # You can now build hedgewars, by running the *tools/build_windows.bat* command.
  # After building it, you can run it from the Desktop - using the *Hedgewars* shortcut.
+= Additional Setup for Visual Studio 2010 =
+To build Hedgewars using Visual Studio 2010, you will need to update a few SDL files using this zip file ( Just download and overwrite it into your currect hedgewars project folder. This is mainly an update to SDL_mixer (updating it to version 1.2.12), and changing the SDLconfig.h file to work with the sperate platform headers instead of the current one.
+Next you will need to change some project settings. If you don't have the SDL directives set correctly in CMake then your project files will be incorect (they still may be incorrect even if you did get them set right). You need to change the following Project Settings for the 'hedgewars' project.
+ # Make sure that under C/C++ => Additional Include Directories you have \hedgewars\misc\winutils\include\.
+ # Change the Linker => Input => Additional Dependencies option to have the following at the end:
+  * \hedgewars\misc\winutils\lib\SDL.lib
+  * \hedgewars\misc\winutils\lib\SDLmain.lib
+  * \hedgewars\misc\winutils\lib\SDL_mixer.lib
+ # Adjust the Output Directory under the General settings to be just \hedgewars\bin\.
 = Building process =
 Run the *tools/build_windows.bat* file each time you want to build the source. Please note that there might some incompatibilities with the environment paths of this script in case that you are running MinSYS or Cygwin: we are quite confident that if you use such software you're quite able to correctly set up any paths.
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