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 #summary This is a guide for new translators.
-= Introduction =
+= Translations =
+== Introduction ==
 This is a guide for translators. In order to translate Hedgewars into another language you are going to need:
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  # A text editor like Notepad++, Geany, Vim, etc.
  # Qt4 Linguist. To download the Qt4 Linguist you have to download the Qt4 SDK.
-= Getting the localization files =
+== Getting the localization files ==
 To get the Hedgewars localization files there are 4 possible ways.
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 Above I am going to discuss the *C* way (Find the localization files in your current Hedgewars installation).
-== Finding the localization files ==
+=== Finding the localization files ===
 In GNU/Linux you have to look into `/path-to-Hedgewars/Data/Locale where path-to-Hedgewars` is the path to your Hedgewars installation.
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 For example in an Arch Linux box the path is `/usr/share/Hedgewars/Data/Locale`.
 In a Windows 8 box the path is `C:\Program Files (x86)\Hedgewars 0.9.19\Data\Locale`.
-= Translation files =
+== Translation files ==
 Here is a list of the different localization files of the English language that you should use as your translation reference/template as it should be the most accurate and up to date. The file locations are relative to the top directory of the Hedgewars source code.
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  * `/share/hedgewars/Data/misc/hwengine.desktop`—*Do not translate*! This file will be automatically generated from `` when building Hedgewars
  * `/share/hedgewars/Data/misc/hedgewars-mimeinfo.xml`—Description of Hedgewars file types
-= Updating an existing translation =
+== Updating an existing translation ==
 That is relatively easy. Just edit the existing file. You can edit every file with your favorite editor and the `.ts` file with Qt Linguist.
 The `en.lua` file doesn’t exist. The strings are hard coded in the code.
-= Creating a new translation =
+== Creating a new translation ==
 That is easy, too. Make a copy of the English file and rename it to use the initials of your language.
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  * For Spanish copy `en.txt` to `es.txt`
  * For Greek copy `en.txt` to `el.txt`
-= Testing the translations =
+== Testing the translations ==
 When finished you have just to start Hedgewars and choose your language from the Game Preferences, Advanced tab.
 If a translation is missing then the string is going to be displayed in English.
 Note that you should restart the frondend for the language changes to take effect.
-= Sharing the translations =
+== Sharing the translations ==
 In order to share your translations with Hedgewars community there are 3 possible ways:
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  # Talk with a Hedgewars developer in order to include it in DLC (
  # Talk with a Hedgewars developer in order to include it in the next Hedgewars release.
-= Things to have in mind =
+== Things to have in mind ==
 If you are going to make a translation for a next Hedgewars release strings may not be frozen yet and change before the release. Better ask in irc in cases like that.
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