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 Calling this function means the team has made a record attempt of a given record type (e.g. fastest time or highscore) with a given `value`. If the team's own record has been beaten, or is has set the first record, the team file is being updated.
- * `recordType`: Type of record (see [ConfigurationFiles#%5BMission%2520%3CMISSION_NAME%3E%5D here] for a list)
+Usually you want to call this function at the end of a mission, when it has completed and the final score/time/whatever is known.
+ * `recordType`: Type of record (see [ConfigurationFiles#%5BMission%2520%3CMISSION_NAME%3E%5D here] for a list), as a string
  * `value`: Value that has been achieved by the team
  * `stat`: If `true` (default), will also write a message in the stats screen (whether record has been beaten, or current record if not). Otherwise, this writes nothing.
+<code lang="lua">
+-- Report a team score of 12000 to the game
+updateChallengeRecord("Highscore", 12000)
 == `getReadableChallengeRecord(recordType)` (1.0.0) ==
 Returns a human-readable description of a team record of the mission team (see also: `AddMissionTeam`) for the current challenge [Missions mission]. Team records are read from the team file. `recordType` is a record type. Possible record types are listed [ConfigurationFiles#%5BMission%2520%3CMISSION_NAME%3E%5D here]. This can be useful to display something in `ShowMission`.