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 === <tt>!ShowMission(caption, subcaption, text, icon, time)</tt> ===
-Use to tell the player what he is supposed to do.
+Use to tell the player what he is supposed to do. If you use this function, a mission pop-up is shown for the amount of time specified in `time` (in milliseconds).
+`caption` is the text displayed in the first line, `subcaption` is displayed in the second line and `text` is the text displayed in the third and following lines.
-As of version 0.9.15, `icon` currently accepts the following values:
+`text` uses some special characters for formatting: “`|`” is used for a line break, and everything written before and including a “`:`” in a line is written in a lighter color.
+As of version 0.9.22, `icon` accepts the following values:
 || *`icon`* || *What is shown* ||
 || _negative number_ || Icon of an ammo type. It is specified as the negative of an ammo type constant (see [AmmoTypes]), i.e. `-amBazooka` for the bazooka icon. ||
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 || `7` || Ammo crate ||
 || `8` || Barrel ||
+<code language="lua">
+ShowMission(loc("Nobody Laugh"), loc("User Challenge"), loc("Eliminate the enemy before the time runs out"), 0, 0)
 === <tt>!HideMission()</tt> ===
 Hides the mission. This function is currently bugged somehow and will completely ruin your life, and your script should you happen to use it.