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 Please note that the flags “`hedgewars.png`”, “`cpu.png`”, “`cpu_plain.png`”, a couple of community flags and national flags come pre-installed with Hedgewars. If you use a flag of an identical name in your Hedgewars user data directory, Hedgewars will show that one instead of the system-wide installed flag. That way, you can customize the default flag, for example.
+== Flag display ==
+Flags are *not* exactly displayed as the original image. In the game, the 4 pixels in each corner of the flag will always be “hidden” for the “round corner” effect. This is a very minor effect but might be important to remember.
+Only in the team editing menu the flags are displayed with all pixels.
 == Limits ==
 Please note that flags are _not_ automatically shared when you play online. Unless the other players have your flag, too, they will only see the default flag for your team instead. The only flags you can be sure are also seen online are the ones supplied by the Hedgewars installation.