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add the 32 bit broken to known bugs in hopes people writing feedback click on this link. They certainly don't visit front page of site..

#summary List of the most important known bugs in Hedgewars releases
#labels Featured

On this page we collect a few of the most *important* known bugs in *recent* versions. Note *this page is not meant to be complete* and only gives a rough overview. For a more complete list, [ see the list of bugs on the bug tracker].

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= Release =

== Hogs may sometimes be unable to walk ==
|| Details || If a hog uses sniper rifle but fails to use both shots before the turn ends, that hog will be unable to walk or jump in future turns (as if it were in Artillery mode) ||
|| Partial workaround || It is possible to make “crippled” hogs walk again. Just use the sniper rifle again, but fire both shots. Unfortunately, no better workaround is known. ||
|| See also || ||
|| Status || FIXED ||

== 32 bit x86 builds are non-functional (Linux and probably BSD) ==
|| Details || Due to an FPC alignment bug and an undisableable optimisation in SDL2, 32 bit builds crash immediately on launching a game. ||
|| See also || ||
|| Status || FIXED ||

= Release 0.9.23 =

== Chat input starts with chat letter already entered ==
|| Details || If you hit the chat key in Windows, the chat letter is sometimes pre-entered in the chat line. E.g. you see the letter “t” in chat when you hit the chat key “t”. ||
|| See also || ||
|| Status || FIXED ||

= Release 0.9.22 =

== Drill-Strike is dropped off-center (released from plane half the drill-rocket-gap too early) ==
|| Details || A regular drill strike has 6 drills, therefore 3 drills should go on each side of the target-*X* without hitting the *X* itself. However in 0.9.22 the alignment is incorrect and one drill will hit the *X* directly, while 3 drills will go in front of the *X*, 2 will go behind it ||
|| Status || FIXED ||

= Release 0.9.21 =

== Rubberband shows/places pixels in unexpected locations ==
|| Preconditions || The Rubberband is placed/selected in strictly vertical or in rising diagonal (low left end, high right end) orientation. ||
|| Details || In Rubberband's above mentioned orientations (= sprite frames) edge pixels of other orientations are visible/placed. ||
|| Workaround || If you do *NOT* play on official server you could replace your Rubberband's spritesheet (Data/Graphics/amRubber.png) with the [ fixed version]. If you intend to play over a private server or over local network make sure you only play together with people having the exact same fix or else the game might desync and aborts due to different game/map state information ||
|| See also || [ screenshot (by Wuzzy)] issue 903 [ fix 076aa3b2587dc539033a3eb60305e01e763e1bef] ||
|| Status || FIXED ||