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#summary How to setup the official racer room

= Racer Room Setup =

== Overview ==
Some time ago unc0rr added support for "fixed" server rooms in order to have a permanent room for hosting race maps.  A little manual setup is required, and at present must be recreated on every new release and server restart.

== Removing the Room ==

In order to add a room for a new release, the old room must be removed first.  Join the game using the old release, join the Official Racer Room then run:
/delegate YourNick

Then exit.  The room will be removed.

== Updating the room config for a new release ==

The racer room configuration is currently here: [https://hg.hedgewars.org/hedgewars/raw-file/tip/misc/racer.room]
It is stored relative to the game server.
According to unc0rr, any errors in syntax will kill the server, so be careful!
To update for a new release you usually just need to add new characters to the AMMO for any newly added weapon entries.
will do this in vim, where 58 is the number of weapons in the current racer room and the 0 is for the addition.
New maps can be added too, using existing entries as a reference.

== Setting up the room ==

After having removed the old room, create a new room named "Official Racer Room".  Restrict join to registered players only (unregistered don't get recorded in the stats) then run:
/loadroom racer.room
/callvote map #01

And leave.  The callvote will cause errors as long as you are still the room admin, but they don't matter.  You can quit/rejoin before that step if you wish.

== Running checker ==
Make sure you have hedgewars working, your login/password is stored in frontend's config

To build checker:
$ cabal build checker

Put checker.ini into ~/.hedgewars with such content:

When updating between versions, update version in checker's source, run this on the server's database to have new stats appear on the records page:
INSERT INTO gameversions (protocol, version) VALUES (55, '0.9.24'), (56, '0.9.25-dev');