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Step-by-step guide to configure the free firewall to allow Hedgewars to run properly

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The basic parameters to pass to the Hedgewars frontend and engine control the location of the game data, configuration files and saves.

= Frontend =

There are two options that enable to load the data directory and the configuration directory in non standard locations.

  * {{{--data-dir=[path containing 'hedgewars/Data']}}}
  * {{{--config-dir=[path containing 'Demos' 'Saves' etc.]}}}

You can set up both on the command line. The program exits if either of the folders is not correct; quotes are optional, but needed if your path contains spaces

$ /usr/bin/hedgewars --data-dir="/opt/local/share/" --config-dir=".hedgewars/tesing config/"

= Engine =

It is possible to start a replay or save file directly from the terminal issuing the standalone {{{hwengine}}} utility with very simple syntax. The replay files are usually contained in the configuration directory:

  * _Windows_: {{{%USERPROFILE%\Hedgewars}}}
  * _Linux_: {{{~/.hedgewars}}}
  * _Mac OS X_: {{{~/Library/Application Support/Hedgewars}}}

== Standard Use ==
{{{$ hwengine [path to data folder] [path to replay file]}}}

the data folder is where you installed the game, or where you configured it when you compiled.

== Advanced Use ==
it is possible to specify additional settings by adding one third argument (and only one)

  * {{{--set-video [screen width] [screen height] [color dept]}}}
  * {{{--set-audio [volume] [enable music] [enable sounds]}}}
  * {{{--set-other [language file] [full screen] [show FPS]}}}

these options always require three additional configurations and are mutually exclusive (that is, you can only set one of them, if you need to configure more, you have to use the l33t arguments below).

== Very Advanced Use (l33t only) ==
(intentional non-explanation of the commands below, like any other l33t documentation; plus they're really self explanatory)

  * {{{--set-multimedia [screen height] [screen width] [color dept] [volume] [enable music] [enable sounds] [language file] [full screen]}}}
  * {{{--set-everything [screen height] [screen width] [color dept] [volume] [enable music] [enable sounds] [language file] [full screen] [show FPS] [alternate damage] [timer value] [reduced quality]}}}

== Some examples ==
let's see some *GOOD* examples

$ hwengine installpath/hedgewars/Data anywhere/replay.hwd
$ hwengine installpath/hedgewars/Data anywhere/replay.hwd --set-video 1920 1080 32
$ hwengine installpath/hedgewars/Data anywhere/replay.hwd --set-everything 1280 1024 32 128 1 1 en.txt 0 0 0 8 0

and some *BAD* examples

$ hwengine anywhere/replay.hwd
$ hwengine installpath/hedgewars/Data anywhere/replay.hwd --set-video 1024 768
$ hwengine installpath/hedgewars/Data anywhere/replay.hwd --set-video 800 600 32 --set-audio 128 1 1