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#summary Structure of the theme.cfg file

== Theme.cfg ==
This file gives the engine the values associated with a certain theme, to complement the graphics.
It is structured with a key followed by a number of values. Example:
<code>sky = 120, 40, 80</code>

There is also keys that replace existing keys under certain conditions, all keys preceding with "sd-" are used during sudden death and all keys with "rq-" are used when quality is reduced. These keys must be placed after the regular keys and they are all optional.

Following is the list of all current keys and their values, it is important to have the right number of values. Most keys may only be used once.

The values red, green, blue and opacity are in the range of one byte and can be specified in both decimal or hexadecimal form. The range are 0 - 255 or 0 - $FF.

=== sky ===
The colour of the sky.

Values: red, green, blue

Values: red, green, blue

=== border ===
The colour of the outline of explosions.

Values: red, green, blue

=== water-top ===
The colour of the topmost part of the water (under the water.png).
This makes a gradient together with water-bottom.

Values: red, green, blue

=== water-bottom ===
The colour of the lowest part of the water.
This makes a gradient together with water-top.

Values: red, green, blue

=== water-opacity ===
Opacity of the water, how visible gears in the water are.

Values: opacity

=== music ===
Name of the track to be played in the theme, e.g. Nature.ogg

Values: name

=== clouds ===
The number of clouds to create.

Values: number

=== object ===
There may be several object keys in the file, each one representing one land object.

unfinished, values are the file name and then the old values

=== spray ===
There may be several spray keys in the file, each one representing one spray object.
The name is the name of the .png (without the extension) of the graphics file, and the number is the number of instances of this spray that may be added.

Values: name, number

=== flakes ===
Values for the flakes of this theme. First the number of flakes, then number of frames and ticks per frame. Lastly the speed and fall speed of the flakes.
If left out there are no flakes.

Values: number, frames, frame ticks, speed, fall speed

=== sd-water-top ===
Sudden death version of water-top. Has a default value.

=== sd-water-bottom ===
Sudden death version of water-bottom. Has a default value.

=== sd-water-opacity ===
Sudden death version of water-opacity. As default same as water-opacity.

=== sd-clouds ===
Sudden death version of clouds. As default same as clouds.

=== sd-flakes ===
Sudden death version of flakes. Has a default value.

=== rq-sky ===
Reduced quality version of sky. If present used instead of sky on low quality.