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LuaLibraryUtils: labels

#summary Lua library documentation: Utils
#labels !LuaLibrary
= Lua library: `Utils` =

**NOTE: Documentation of this library is incomplete, some functions are still undocumented.**

This library includes miscellaneous functions to use, they are all independent of each other and can be used everywhere.

== `gearIsInBox(gear, x, y, w, h)` ==

Returns whether the gear is inside (centre point of the gear) a box with x and y as the top left corner and having the width and height of w and h respectively.

== `gearIsInCircle(gear, x, y, r, useRadius)` ==

Returns whether the gear is inside a circle with x and y being the centre point and r being the radius of the circle. The boolean useRadius determine whether only the centre point of the gear will be used or the radius of the gear will be checked too.