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#summary How releases are done in Hedgewars
= Relasing Hedgewars =
This page is a checklist of things to do in order to do a proper Hedgewars release.

== Getting ready for release ==

 * Bump protocol number
 * Bump Hedgewars version number (if it hasn't already)
 * Update `ChangeLog.txt`
 * Update all translation strings
    * For the frontend: Run `lupdate ./QTfrontend -ts share/hedgewars/Data/Locale/hedgewars_*.ts`
    * For Lua: Run `tools/` and grab a coffee
 * Announce string freeze in News and wait
== Releasing ==

 * Add a tag for the relevant commit
 * Create a Windows build (usually done by unC0Rr)
 * Update Download page (
 * Announce release on News section on
 * Announce release in IRC (`#hedgewars`)
 * Announce release in official server
     * Update protocol number
     * Update MOTD
     * In lobby, use command `/global Hedgewars X.Y.Z has just been released!` (requires server admin rights)
 * Notify package managers of GNU/Linux distributions
== For release candidates ==

 * Create a Windows build
 * Remember the commit ID to which the release canditate refers to
 * Write a post in News, you can use this one as a template: