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change-log(06/12/10) Added a few entries. global vars - CurrentHedgehog event handlers - onGearResurrect - OnGearDamage functions - HogTurnLeft - HogSay small fixes - corrected a mistake in the example code in SetEffect, and added a note about integer/boolean distinction between 0.9.14 and dev. - moved the comments for AddVisualGear and SetVisualGearValues one line higher so that the width doesn't carry off the page

For a current list of ammo types look at hedgewars/uConsts.pas.
    TAmmoType  = (amNothing, amGrenade, amClusterBomb, amBazooka, amBee, amShotgun, amPickHammer,
            amSkip, amRope, amMine, amDEagle, amDynamite, amFirePunch, amWhip,
            amBaseballBat, amParachute, amAirAttack, amMineStrike, amBlowTorch,
            amGirder, amTeleport, amSwitch, amMortar, amKamikaze, amCake,
            amSeduction, amWatermelon, amHellishBomb, amNapalm, amDrill, amBallgun,
            amRCPlane, amLowGravity, amExtraDamage, amInvulnerable, amExtraTime,
            amLaserSight, amVampiric, amSniperRifle, amJetpack, amMolotov, amBirdy, amPortalGun,
            amPiano, amGasBomb, amSineGun, amFlamethrower, amSMine, amHammer,