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change-log(06/12/10) Added a few entries. global vars - CurrentHedgehog event handlers - onGearResurrect - OnGearDamage functions - HogTurnLeft - HogSay small fixes - corrected a mistake in the example code in SetEffect, and added a note about integer/boolean distinction between 0.9.14 and dev. - moved the comments for AddVisualGear and SetVisualGearValues one line higher so that the width doesn't carry off the page

For a current list of the gears look at hedgewars/uTypes.pas at
the TGearType enumeration.
    TGearType = (gtBomb, gtHedgehog, gtShell, gtGrave, gtBee,
            gtShotgunShot, gtPickHammer, gtRope, gtMine, gtCase,
            gtDEagleShot, gtDynamite, gtClusterBomb, gtCluster, gtShover,
            gtFlame, gtFirePunch, gtATStartGame, gtATSmoothWindCh,
            gtATFinishGame, gtParachute, gtAirAttack, gtAirBomb, gtBlowTorch,
            gtGirder, gtTeleport, gtSwitcher, gtTarget, gtMortar,
            gtWhip, gtKamikaze, gtCake, gtSeduction, gtWatermelon, gtMelonPiece,
            gtHellishBomb, gtWaterUp, gtDrill, gtBallGun, gtBall, gtRCPlane,
            gtSniperRifleShot, gtJetpack, gtMolotov, gtExplosives, gtBirdy,
            gtEgg, gtPortal, gtPiano, gtGasBomb, gtSineGunShot, gtFlamethrower,
            gtSMine, gtPoisonCloud, gtHammer, gtHammerHit, gtResurrector);
Note: gtBomb and gtShell were named gtAmmo_Bomb and gtAmmo_Grenade before 0.9.14