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change-log(06/12/10) Added a few entries. global vars - CurrentHedgehog event handlers - onGearResurrect - OnGearDamage functions - HogTurnLeft - HogSay small fixes - corrected a mistake in the example code in SetEffect, and added a note about integer/boolean distinction between 0.9.14 and dev. - moved the comments for AddVisualGear and SetVisualGearValues one line higher so that the width doesn't carry off the page

For a current list of sounds look at hedgewars/uConsts.pas
    TSound = (sndNone,
            sndGrenadeImpact, sndExplosion, sndThrowPowerUp, sndThrowRelease,
            sndSplash, sndShotgunReload, sndShotgunFire, sndGraveImpact,
            sndMineTick, sndPickhammer, sndGun, sndBee, sndJump1, sndJump2,
            sndJump3, sndYesSir, sndLaugh, sndIllGetYou, sndIncoming,
            sndMissed, sndStupid, sndFirstBlood, sndBoring, sndByeBye,
            sndSameTeam, sndNutter, sndReinforce, sndTraitor, sndRegret,
            sndEnemyDown, sndCoward, sndHurry, sndWatchIt, sndKamikaze,
            sndCake, sndOw1, sndOw2, sndOw3, sndOw4, sndFirePunch1, sndFirePunch2,
            sndFirePunch3, sndFirePunch4, sndFirePunch5, sndFirePunch6,
            sndMelon, sndHellish, sndYoohoo, sndRCPlane, sndWhipCrack,
            sndRideOfTheValkyries, sndDenied, sndPlaced, sndBaseballBat,
            sndVaporize, sndWarp, sndSuddenDeath, sndMortar, sndShutter,
            sndHomerun, sndMolotov, sndCover, sndUhOh, sndOops,
            sndNooo, sndHello, sndRopeShot, sndRopeAttach, sndRopeRelease,
            sndSwitchHog, sndVictory, sndSniperReload, sndSteps, sndLowGravity,
            sndHellishImpact1, sndHellishImpact2, sndHellishImpact3, sndHellishImpact4,
            sndMelonImpact, sndDroplet1, sndDroplet2, sndDroplet3, sndEggBreak, sndDrillRocket,
            sndPoisonCough, sndPoisonMoan, sndBirdyLay, sndWhistle, sndBeeWater,
            sndPiano0, sndPiano1, sndPiano2, sndPiano3, sndPiano4, sndPiano5, sndPiano6, sndPiano7, sndPiano8,
            sndSkip, sndSineGun, sndOoff1, sndOoff2, sndOoff3, sndWhack,
            sndComeonthen, sndParachute, sndBump, sndResurrector);