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Update the turotial so ppls won't have to download the entire QT Sdk :)

#summary Instructions for building Hedgewars on Windows
#labels Phase-Implementation,Phase-Design,Phase-Support

= Things to download =
First of all, please use this guide over here ( to see whether your OS is 32 or 64 bit. You will need it while doing the setup.

 # CMake - download the *Windows (Win32 Installer)* 
  * Link:
 # FreePascal - download the *Download as installer* 
  * Link:
 # Qt SDK 
  * Link:
 # Mercurial - pick one (TortoiseHg has a GUI and is more user-friendly)
  # TortoiseHg - Chose one based on your OS version
   * Link:
  # Command-line mercurial
   * Link (OS 32 bits):
   * Link (OS 64 bits):
 # _Windows building archive_ - it contains everything you need to compile Hedgewars on Windows.
   * Link:

= Setup =
 # Install CMake, but please *ensure* you select "Add CMake to the system PATH for all users", so you can run CMake directly from command line.
 # Install FreePascal.
 # Install Qt SDK, with the "Custom" option:
  * Click the *DESELECT ALL* button. We will then check only what we need
  * Check *Qt SDK/Miscellaneous/MinGW <any version>*
  * Check *Qt SDK/Development Tools/Desktop Qt/Qt <newest version>/Desktop Qt <newest version> - Mingw* (it's the first checkbox)
  * !!If there will be any error message boxes, just press ignore until it won't show anymore :)
 # Install TortoiseHg / mercurial
 # Restart the computer
 # Download the Hedgewars source:
  # Using TortoiseHg
   * Right-click in any folder on your computer
   * Select Tortoise HG -> Clone.
   * In the _Source_ textbox enter:
   * Press clone
  # Using Command-line mercurial
   * If you have Windows 7 skip the next 3 steps, and instead, SHIFT + Right click in the folder where you want to download the source.
   * Start _Run..._ ( WINDOWS Key + R , or Start -> Run... )
   * Enter:
   * Navigate to where you want to download the source
   * Type and execute ( The initial clone of the repository will take a while, is about 550MiB or so... ):
hg clone trunk
 # Extract the _Windows Building Archive_ to the hedgewars source folder, in the *bin* directory
 # Go to the "bin/build_windows.bat" file, and modify the following:
  * SET PASCAL=<put the path to the directory that contains fpc's executable (fpc.exe)> (for example: c:\FPC\2.4.4\bin\i386-win32\)
  * SET SET QTDIR=<path to the QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\<your version>> (for example: c:\QtSDK\Desktop\Qt\4.7.3\)
 # You can now build hedgewars, by running the *bin/build_windows.bat* command.

= Building process =
Run the *bin/build_windows.bat* file each time you want to build the source.